DUTh SBC: Annual Presentation 2016

DUTh SBC: 2016 Annual Presentation

On the occasion of the beginning of the academic year, in order to inform the students of Democritus University of Thrace, a presentation of DUTh Student Branch Industry Applications Society (IAS) Chapter took place on 20th of October. This speech was done in collaboration with IEEE SB of Thrace and DUTh Women in Engineering Student Branch Affinity Group, which presented their activities to the public too.

Guest speakers were Mr. Athanasios Kakarountas, Vice Chair of ΙΕΕΕ Greece Section and Mr. Stamatis Dragoumanos, Educational Activities Chair of IEEE Greece Section. Both of them tried to make more understandable the context in which this organization operates. The audience consisted mainly of new student of the university. Many of them, although they did not know about IEEE before, they were very interested about its global existence as organization. They understood, also, how important is to be an IEEE member as a student and as a professional in the future, or in other words, the benefits which will be offered to the members, such as access to IEEE Xplore Digital Library or the possibility to publish their own papers.

As an IAS Student Branch Chapter, we introduced our activities in order to attract new members, with willingness to help in our volunteer work. More specifically, we made known to the public what we have done from the time on which our chapter established, since the time of the presentation. Our annual actions consist of lectures, workshops and educational visits mainly. Also, we design and publish our own magazine, named DIPLOMA, where chapter’s members write articles about their own interests relative to the field of engineering. Finally, information about our website, which is continuously updated, were given to the students, as well as about the distinctions that we have, either for the website or for our outstanding performance and the uninterrupted effort.

During this event, Mr. Kakarountas handed to our Chapter Advisor Prof. Athanasios Karlis, the award “R8 Chapter of the Year 2015”. This award was a great honor for all the members.

As part of this briefing, new registrations were held and many of the older members renewed their membership too, which is very positive.


Report written by
Eleni Bouloukosta