PDPU SBC: How Stuff Works? Session 2 on Smart grids

How Stuff Works ? Session 2 Smart grids


Name of Event: How Stuff Works 2.0 –Smart grids

Date of Event: April 1st, 2016 (Friday)

Venue: E-102

Duration: 4pm-6pm


1. Shubhum Paranjapee

2. Avni Sharma



How stuff is a series of lectures kept to explain the basics of the working and analysis of various electrical devices and concepts. How Stuff Works 2.0 focuses on how power generates in various power plants, how it transmits and how distribution take place and role of the grids and smart grids. It focused not only on the basics of the transmission but also focused on the problems which India faces now-a-days with the references to a many data in a segment of transmission and distribution. It also focused how we overcome the losses and other problems by using smart grid.


The main aim of the event was to make the students aware of the basics of the power generation, transmission and the distribution. The main idea was to create a chain or series of lectures that could initiate an essence of dealing with technical details regarding smart grids. The event was kept because smart grids are important to students in their professional life and it is upcoming technology coming in India in power segment.


The event started at 4:00 PM by welcoming our respected lecturer Mr.  Ashish Doorwar [Department Of Electrical Engineering ,PDPU] and among the audience were students of SOT [electrical] batch 12, 13, 14 and 15. Ashish sir started his lecture by basics of power and how it generated with the help of different power plants. He focused on the generation side as well as transmission side with the reference of the various data available on government sites. He also taught the scenario of India in now-a-days by showing power generation map of India.

He also taught how we can trade our access power and also shared some policy declared by government of India in this power segments. He taught how transmission lines works and why losses occur into that lines and also discussed how can we reduced that losses. Ashish sir also focused following topics during his 2-hour technical lecture.

  • Power transmission in India
  • Process of transmission and role of grid
  • Transmission and grid management
  • HVDC in India and power transmission network of India
  • Concept of smart grid and how to convert ordinary grids into smart grid


Number of Participants: 60 (excluding committee members)