Name of event : Power Quiz

Date of Event: November  15th,2016(Tuesday)

Venue: E-101

Duration: 4pm-6pm


1. Abhijeet Sodha

2. Kaustubh Sadekar




The “Power Quiz” was a quiz designed by IEEE IAS with questions pertaining to Power Generation and related activities. The quiz was divided into two stages- the first being the Preliminary Round. The Preliminary round had 28 teams participating who were asked 25 questions. Out of the 28 teams, a total of 6 six teams were selected in the second round i.e. the Final Round.

The Final Round Comprised of three rounds of questions. The first round of the quiz was a direct question round which was followed by the “bounce on the pounce” round. The final round was also a direct question round.


IEEE IAS SB, PDPU aims at spreading technical knowledge through an interactive and “easy to learn” medium. The Power Quiz was one such medium through which IEEE IAS SB, PDPU touched upon the topic of “Power Generation” and attempted to enhance the knowledge of the participants through an interesting and interactive quiz.


The event begun at 4:00 pm with the preliminary round which was hosted by Abhijeet Sodha. A set of 25 questions were asked in the preliminary round. Following the preliminary round, 6 teams were selected for the final rounds out of 28 teams. There were 3 rounds in the finals. The first round of the finals was hosted by Kaustubh Sadekar. The round consisted of 7 direct questions, one for each team and one for the audience. The other two rounds followed the similar trend. The second round was hosted by Abhijeet and the third round by Kaustubh. Followed by the three rounds in the finals, there were more audience questions. There was prize distribution for the audience as well as the top three teams in the finals. The prize distribution and felicitation ceremony marked the closure of the event. The top three prizes were distributed by the heads of different subcommittees and President of IEEE IAS SB, PDPU.

Number of Participants: 28 teams (excluding committee members)