Renewable Energy workshop

Details of the workshop:

Date: December 9th
Place: INSAT
Number of participants: 20 Students

In order to lay the groundwork for all the participants in the renewable energy industrial forum to be ready for the D-day, IAS-INSAT chapter organized a second workshop treating the most important topics of this field.

The workshop consisted mostly of presentations led by professionals in these subjects:

  • Biomass: it stands for getting energy by burning wood and other organic matter. It is classed as a renewable energy source because plant stocks can be replaced with new growth.

    Bioenergy systems offer significant possibilities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to their immense potential to replace fossil fuels in energy production.

  • Photovoltaic panel and energy storage: the photovoltaic panel is a term which covers the conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. A typical photovoltaic system employs solar panels, each comprising a number of solar cells, which generate electrical power. PV installations may be ground-mounted, rooftop mounted or wall mounted.
  • Piezoelectric energy: The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure and latent heat leading to electric energy without depletion of natural resources.

The workshop was presented by Mr. Miladi Mansour expert Ph.D. student and professor and Ms. Saidi Rafika Ph.D. student in biology.