Joint IEEE IAS/PELS NUS Student Branch Chapter hosts Distinguished Lecturer

Fig.1. Prof. Mohammad Rezwan Khan with attendees at IAS/PELS NUS SB Chapter DL program (photo courtesy: Sandeep Kolluri)

The Joint IEEE Industry Applications Society/Power Electronics Society (IAS/PELS) Student Branch Chapter at the National University of Singapore (NUS) hosted Professor Mohammad Rezwan Khan, IEEE IAS Distinguished Lecturer on 8th November 2017.  Prof. Khan is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and the vice chancellor of the United International University (UIU), Dhaka, Bangladesh.  

Prof. Khan delivered two technical seminars on the following topics:  “Solar PV based stand-alone grid systems for developing countries: Advantages of DC systems” and “Future of power system: A comparison between DC and AC”. The presentation threw light on the recent progress in the area of Solar PV Home Systems. During the presentation, Prof. Khan gave a description of a small sized PV based stand-alone system, its main components and its mode of operation with specific reference to a developing country like Bangladesh. Prof. Khan also presented few details about the on-going research projects at UIU, aiming at the diversification of solar PV applications. Innovative applications like solar mini-cold storage, solar e-cooker and solar ferry boat, developed by Prof. Kahn and the team caught the attention of the participants.  

In the later session, Prof. Khan discussed the recent paradigm shifts in the area of power systems towards DC transmission and distribution. He shed some light on the development of power electronics and explained how it helps in the resurrection of DC power systems. He elaborated on the advantages of DC over AC systems as DC systems can be more efficient and cost-effective. He concluded the presentation by proposing steps for migration from AC system to DC system and how to solve challenges in DC systems.

Twenty-five participants have attended this technical seminar, all of whom provided positive feedback, noting how the development of electronics has changed the technological base of the power system. Participants have actively interacted with Prof. Khan and discussed his ideas on solar home systems and DC grids.

The Student Branch Chapter plans to organize similar events on a regular basis.

Fig.2. Prof. Khan giving lecture on
“Future of power system: A comparison between DC and AC” (photo courtesy: Sandeep Kolluri)