We had fun too… (Team Building)

Details of the event:
Date: February 4th
Place: Sidi Bou Saïd’s park
Number of participants: 25 Students

IAS INSAT is not always about conferences, technical activities, workshops, industrial visits… It is a lot more than that. IAS is an opportunity to establish new relationships and friendships and create great memories too.

We know that maintaining a strong bond with our members is essential to our success.

Therefore we organized several activities as team building. So within our chapter, you can “Have fun too”.

As a teambuilding, we chose to spend the whole Sunday at Sidi Bou Saïd’s park. We took advantage of the good weather by alternating between several games and fun activities making us closer and more united as a team and as an IAS family.

Everyone had fun and enjoyed their time.