A Visit to the Bodhiraja Children’s Orphanage

The project was carried out as a continuation of the annual charity by IEEE Student Branch of the University of Moratuwa with the aim of catering to the basic needs of children at Bodhiraja children’s orphanage and moreover to share happiness among children who are often neglected by the society. IEEE members from all the four main societies (IAS, RAS, CS, and PES) in University of Moratuwa participated in this project and there were more than 60 children at Bodhiraja children’s orphanage who actively participated in the charity project. We visited the Children’s orphanage in 7th May 2017.

The few hours we spent with those innocent hearts made them feel that they are not alone in this world and that there are so many people who care for them even though they are not under the shelter of their own parents. Thus, we mainly focused on spending the day with the children to make them happy and to upgrade their lives from their current situation.

Apart from that, sharing life experience and to give them a helping hand through an interactive session, Encouraging the children to kindle their potential by organizing creative activities, Providing necessary materials for their educational needs, Providing the necessary needs for the welfare of the children’s home, Creating a new mindset within those little children to improve their self-confidence and to face the world with determination were the basic objectives of this project.

Spending the day with the children of Bodhiraja children’s home was eye-opening event for both children’s and IEEE members, In the children’s point of view after the tragedies they went through the first thing that they go through is loneliness , the best way to come on top of this is interacting with each other doing something fun that everyone will remember for a long time which will be eventually a reason to get their mind off their past. Lots of fun games and events were organized for the children to enjoy each and every moment of the day forgetting what they went through, most importantly they had the chance to interact with the outside world which they rarely have due to difficulties in their lives.

In IEEE student members’ point of view, they had the chance of getting out of their busy academic schedules to spend some free time with children while helping them with their lives and sharing, motivating them. Most importantly they had a chance to release all their stress by spending time with these kids. It was an eye-opener for a lot of students since they realized how fortunate they are and how unfortunate some people can be, it was a great experience about life for the students.

Alongside the fun games and events, a Sing along session was organized to highlight and empower the singing talents of the children’s in Bodhiraja children’s orphanage. This was a huge help to the kids with the singing talent. They had the chance of polishing their aesthetic skills and showcasing it to the others as well. We were surprised to see how talented they are, and we were convinced that this opened a new path for some of them to follow.

On top of everything most needed stationary was donated to the children’s orphanage, as the first steps of their life they must have the freedom of education, it’s something that should be equal to every human being but because of the difficulties these kids experienced in their lives, most of them didn’t experience the luxury of education. It’s not an easy job to maintain a home for the helpless kids and send each and every one of them to a school in a country like Sri Lanka. So, the donation of stationary was the main highlight of this program.

To sum up, everything a well-prepared lunch and evening tea was provided for the kids.

This program was a huge strength to the kids mentally. We gave them much-needed motivation and life goals to pursue by showing them where we are now and how everything is possible if they follow the correct path. Importantly at the end of the day, they understood that they are not alone.

As one of the main societies in IEEE Student branch of University of Moratuwa, IAS played a major role to make this event a success. From collecting the donations from the donors to the final event, IAS members gave their maximum effort and contribution. With all the help from the society chapters and Its members, IEEE Student branch of the University of Moratuwa takes pride in the course of organizing and presenting a perfectly balanced charity program and bringing down yet another successful completion of a project for the year of 2017.