IEEE Gujarat Section organized Region 10 Sectional Leadership Summit at the prestigious campus of G H Patel College of Engineering & Technology on August 3rd-4th, 2017. It was very first of its kind in Gujarat Section which was initiated by IEEE GCET SB. The Summit aimed at “Innovation and Empowerment”. The event comprised of talks by various eminent personalities and also included 3 parallel sessions.

Vision: To deliver exemplary knowledge of Innovation & Empowerment.

Mission: To guide how IEEE can assist their way throughout in Innovation and Empowerment.

As one of the prominent figures in the community, we really were honored by their presence during the summit. The organizers and volunteers of the event worked hard to make sure that it stands out and their work was rewarded with the huge success of the same.

The main purpose of the event was to give an excellent technical exposure to the students and to facilitate networking among the student communities across Asia-Pacific. Active participation from students from all over India was witnessed with around 300 of participants. The event proved to be above the expectations in terms of its hospitality, arrangements, management, quality, and organization. Active volunteering was ensured which gave the exposure and made them capable to organize or handle such events in IEEE future

Active volunteering from the Second year and Third year students was ensured which gave them an exposure at the national level and made them capable of handling events in future. The huge success of the event facilitated the decision by the IEEE R10 SAC for this event to be done at IEEE GCET SB

Chief Guest of the Event – DR RAJESH INGLE

Guest of Honor for the Event – Mrs. Anjali Diwan


(From Left to Right: Mr. Romal Mistry, Mr. Hardik Pathak, Mrs. Anjali Diwan, Dr. Himanshu Soni, Dr. Rajesh Ingle, Prof Rakesh Patel, Ms. Ashka Soni)

It was an alluring morning of August 3rd, 2017. The inaugural started at 10:30 am. Dr. Himanshu Soni, the principal of GCET shared his few words of wisdom. He believed that classroom education is not enough but interpersonal skills are needed and added that this is the only time for right innovation so one should study well, take part in activities and make oneself strong by growing in such a way. This was followed by Dr. Hardik Pathak, Branch Counselor-IEEE GCET SB talking about the student branch and its achievements. The Guest of honor Prof. Anjali Diwan who is the alumni of GCET shared the Alma matter that how this college is close as it is the homecoming for her and she mentioned that GCET is one of the best SBs in Gujarat in terms of organizing the events.

Dr. Rajesh Ingle, Chief Guest of the summit and IEEE R10 SAC chair talked on automation, innovation, technologies, discoveries and all problem-solving activities. According to him “Anything that is new, useful and surprising is an innovation”. He personally believed that IEEE is not about networking, it is about getting more technical. Ms. Ashka Soni, Chairperson- IEEE GCET SB gave her speech on leadership and briefed on getting ideas into actions.

After all the felicitations and lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries, the IEEE R10 SAC Leadership Summit 2017, Gaining the Edge was declared open.

Glimpses of Inaugural  

Speaker: Dr. Rajesh Ingle

About the speaker: He is IEEE R10 SAC Chair and a Dean at PICT. Dr.Ingle did his Ph.D. from IIT-Bombay on Distributed System Security. He holds 2 masters degrees. His knack for making a complex topic to simple is something his students always speak high.

His Talk: Dr. Rajesh Ingle began his talk on IEEE, IEEE projects, different Student branches & how they work, where they are lacking behind and all the benefits one can get from IEEE in their future. He was keenly interested in sharing the various projects that are done by IEEE and through IEEE.He also shared that what is done under the umbrella of R10 SAC and added there are 1365 total Student Branches overall. At last, he ended his talk by saying that inactive IEEE Student branch will be soon closed.

Speaker: Sri Charan Lakkaraju

About the Speaker: Mr. Charan is the CEO of stuMagz and a former CEO of STED. He is also a Former Systems Engineer at Infosys. He is very passionate about training the people on soft skills, interview skills and in different areas of entrepreneurship and aptitude. He has already trained more than 80000 of students.

His Talk: He joined IEEE in 2007 and started exploring his skills in IEEE. He started his talk by sharing his story that how he got 25 IEEE Members from the college he studied. The journey was hard to get those members but as he believed that “If you do extra, you will get extra”.

He briefed about Leadership and innovation that people are good leaders at different levels which are different than rest people. He is the one who considers that it is not always necessary that innovation must be out of box always because ‘Innovation should be something which is not different, it is about being busy with something.

Speaker: Aneesh Rajeev

About the Speaker: Aneesh Rajeev Sir is a senior Engineer at Siemens Gamesa and is experienced in carrying out power evacuation & grid interconnection studies for Conventional plants, Wind, Solar, and Biogas based generations. He has gained mastery in preparing single line diagrams and schematic drawings for the customers. He holds Visvesvaraya Ph.D. Scholarship, Govt. of India, MHRD and was best Employee of the Quarter, Power research & Development Consultants, May 2013.

His Talk: He initiated his talk by explaining the attendees about his project that how it provided light to the villagers who do not have any supply of electricity. They made this possible by using the solar energy. All of these were explained through the PowerPoint Presentation.

Moreover, he explained two different phase of any project:

1] Phase-1: Survey & Field Project
2] Phase-2: Implementation of that Project.

At last, he informed that world’s largest single point solar plant is at Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu.

Speaker: Mr.Mehul Patel

About the Speaker: Mr.Patel is a Linux Operation System Geek! He is a developer tech by his profession but a true maker by heart. He represented at Mozilla, serves on Campus Advisory Committee and also a Mozilla Reviewer of Gujarati Language. He is specialized in Information Technology and Services. He is passionate about what he does, and he loves to help people around.

His Talk: Mozilla was all he talked about. He shared that Mozilla is a free-software community. It has produced many products such as Firefox web-browser, Firefox mobile operating system, Thunderbird e-mail client Gecko layout engine and many more. However, it is a non-profit organization. By concluding his talk he mentioned that he believes “Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests” and so he likes to work with the team.

Speaker: Mr.Abhishek Appaji

About the Speaker: Mr. Abhishek Appaji is the Chairperson of IEEE Young Professionals Bangalore Section. He is the Branch Advisor at BMSCE IEEE EMBS Chapter. He was a Former Software Engineer at Tavant Technologies. Mr. Abhishek was also a Former Research Assistant at Centre for Nano Science

  • Engineering, IISc. Also, a graduate of class 5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Talk: His talk initiated by lines “Management is doing things right and Leadership is meant doing right things.” For him, the key to success is not to find the right solution but to find the right problem. He mainly focused on entrepreneurship, leadership, and management. According to him, Practice of innovation is entrepreneurship. And, entrepreneurship is broadly divided into two parts:

1] Small-Medium Entrepreneurship.
2] Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship.

Speaker: Dhruv Sehra

About the Speaker: He is an active contributor to the startup ecosystem and organizes various events across the nation. He is an Executive Council Member at Kairos Society India and works at Kalaari Capital. Dhruv Sehra makes short films on entrepreneurship with Your story and is Co-Founder of Non-Profit

Organisation Navayuvak Entrepreneurs. He holds a technical background with experience of working with corporate giant Oracle and was working with a Texas-based investor.

The Talk: “I’m a hustler”, he continued, hustler means not the lost ones but they know what you don’t want to do in your life. According to him, “Everyone is creative; it all depends on the surroundings”. He shared his story that how he changed one way to other and yet found the happiness in each thing since he got to learn many new things every time. For him, the experience is everything to find the one stuff that you really love. Never settle, keep moving. He strongly suggested that “Your network is your net worth” therefore be real, it is the era of creativity as it leads to innovation.

Speaker: Dr. Manan Thakkar

About the Speaker: Mr.Thakker is a Founding Partner at Manan Thakker & Associates and a Cyber Crime Investigator at CLS-Cyberra Legal Services. He has gained his Knowledge in BCZ, PGDCA, PGDBM(E-Business) Ethical Hacking, LL.b, IT Security and cyber laws from ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, Hyderabad & Gujarat University. He is an expert at cybercrime detection.

The Talk: “Why start-ups need strategies?” was his question which explained his talk.

  • Lack of Investors
  • Healthy competition
  • Unorganized structure
  • Threats from renders and customers or employees.

He gave some preventive legal steps like to reduce the data can help, keeping mandatory cybersecurity and cyberlaw policy for the employee may reduce the cybercrime, compulsory technological terms for the web must be added and so on. While referring to the PowerPoint Presentation he briefed about Section 43 of IT ACT, 2000.

Speaker: John Benedict

About the Speaker: John Benedict is a graduate student from Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology in Electronics and communication. Also, he is a Sr.Associate at Amazon Development Centre India. This tech-savvy person is Project coordinator at All IEEE Young Engineers’ Humanitarian Challenge AIYEHUM and likes to be updated with latest technologies.

The Talk: IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) was his main focus. He shared how IEEE PES helps in funding, knowledge, scholarships and many great opportunities. Mr.John kind of became nostalgic when he shared his IEEE PES Malaysia congress experiences and showed his group picture to the attendees. After getting through this he explained how IEEE can benefit the youth and how IEEE PES can add value to it.

Speaker: Dr.Amit Kumar

About the Speaker: Dr. Amit Kumar is currently working at IEEE Hyderabad and he is also Building Technical Communities through his Entrepreneurship activities in India.

The Talk: He at first made everyone think when he asked that what people think when they hear word ‘India’ or ‘America’. His intention to deliver was to make it clear that generally, Indians are negative about their own country but positive for other countries. People are scared of risks because of which they are losing precious entrepreneurs.



Speaker: Mr.Gitansh Anand

About the Speaker: Gitansh Anand is a Systems Engineer at Infosys who is a dedicated IEEE member past 6 years. He is a problem solver through his unique solutions. He is the current India Council SAC Coordinator.

The Talk: He briefed on benefits of IEEE and how it can serve technically in future. Since it was a student track, he mainly focused on encouraging the students to try new things, follow the passion and how IEEE can help in doing all these. He shared a couple of his good experience. At last, he ended his talk by mentioning the great advantages of smartphones nowadays.


Speaker: Dr. Usha Mehta

About the Speaker: She is the Chair of IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE), Gujarat Section he is also the General Chair of 19th International Symposium “VLSI Design and Test-2015”. Currently, she has research projects with funding of more than 27 lacks from ISRO and GUJCOST.

The Talk: Her talk was all light and good. She explained the reason what women in engineering are becoming less instead of increasing every year. The ratio of men in engineering is increasing and the ratio of women in engineering is decreasing. Therefore, IEEE WIE came into the picture. IEEE Women in Engineering is all about creating the awareness in women to get them into engineering fields and showcase their talents and skills at large. She ended her talk by giving the real example of her children at her home that few reasons why women can’t handle fieldwork at ease are because of their very emotional nature.


Speaker: Mr. Abhishek Appaji

About the Speaker: Mr. Abhishek Appaji is the Chairperson of IEEE Young Professionals Bangalore Section. He is the Branch Advisor at BMSCE IEEE EMBS Chapter. He was a Former Software Engineer at Tavant Technologies.

The Talk: According to Mr. Appaji, an idea is like a rabbit. You aim to catch all, none comes in hand but if you aim to catch one at least you may get one and by doing this soon you will end up getting a dozen rabbits. He explained about Design Thinking.

He briefed that Entrepreneurship is not a solo sport, you need a well-dedicated team like a hacker who makes the product, hustler, a business person and a hipster i.e. customer experience.


The second day of the IEEE R10 SAC Sectional Leadership Summit was coming to an end and it was a dynamic volley of lectures and talks from professional erudite, endless networking opportunities and innumerable moments of assimilating knowledge and skills. The participants were exposed to an unmatched experience of a lifetime.

A good event comes into being when separate individuals work together to create an essence of a higher entity called team. The team which is better than any of those single individuals. This great event had a bunch of extremely dedicated volunteers who selflessly gave their time and talents into creating it a huge success.

After the certificate distribution of all the volunteer teams, Dr. Hardik Pathak shared a few words of his experience for the event followed by Mrs. Usha Mehta sharing her views on events like these for the overall development of the students.

The vote of thanks was then delivered by Mr. Romal Mistry – Chairperson IEEE GCET CS Chapter, concluding the event.