Industrial Skill Development -LaTeX Workshop

Event Topic: LaTeX ( A Document Preparation Software )
Event Date: November 11, 2017
Duration: 12.30PM to 4 PM
Venue: E-102 (E-Block, GF)
Speaker: Dr. Anilkumar Markana
Coordinators: Riddhi and Josh.


The motive of this workshop is to encourage the use of Latex, an open source documentation tool for students from all backgrounds. Considering the open source nature of Latex (or MIKTEK) the software is not only free to use and customizable but also makes documentation of reports, papers, resume and articles much easier. The lecture not only included a theoretical background on how to use the software but also had a substantially long time dedicated to a practice session, where students practically created a sample document & different templates.

It would be helpful to students when they want to prepare a technical report or any research can be utilized to prepare their resume in the final year. It is more helpful to teachers for preparing their subject papers as equation writing is easier compare to the word and quick though


IEEE IAS organized a workshop on Latex in the annual science tech fest of PDPU: Tesseract ’17 on November 11, 2017. The lecture was given by Dr. Anilkumar Markana, from The Department of Electrical Engineering, PDPU. The lecture began at 12.45 PM, with a minimal headcount of 65 people.

Excerpts from the lecture are given below:

Latex is an open source tool used by academicians, students and research enthusiasts for writing, editing and customizing a document. Latex can be widely used to create a plethora of documents from articles, reports, thesis to question papers and resumes. In his lecture, Dr. Markana emphasized the need and importance of software like Latex by explaining its advantages over regular word processors. The advantages of the software are listed below:

  • Open source nature of the software lets all students and enthusiasts share, customize and use the software for free, without copyright restrictions.
  • The ease of editing and addition of complex mathematical structures gives Latex an upper hand in the competition. The use of simple coding makes it very easy for the user to add the number of symbols and operators in an equation.
  • The conversion of a report into a presentation can be a difficult task in regular office software packages. Latex with a Beamer package can do this task in a jiffy!
  • The typesetting compiled by Latex can be standardized according to the need of the task. The user can predefine the font size and other formatting options easily and use them as packages.

However, opposed to other word processors, the ease in the interface could be a question. Latex supported by WinEdit on windows provides a GUI for the user making the task of creating, editing and customizing the document a bit easier. The only disadvantage of Latex or MIKTEK (for windows, Latex takes the name MIKTEK) is that the user has to be acquainted with the coding and language of the software.

In the workshop, Dr. Markana visited various aspects of the software by beginning a practical oriented session in the workshop itself. The students were then told to execute many commands which would help them create a scientific report. He taught to insert equations in documents which is a unique point of Latex over the word.

Concluding the session Dr. Markana insisted the students to write at least one document in Latex and create a difference by learning a very simple yet subtle tool of documentation. He said, “I can only push you in the direction of using this tool. It is you who shall decide whether to continue doing it or not.”

The lecture was concluded around 3.50pm. Certificates and refreshments were available for all attendees after the workshop