JAVA Workshop

This workshop was held with the aim to teach the students the basics of the most basic computer language and introduce many of them to the world of C++.


  • Time – 9 am to 4 pm
  • Venue – B-LTC-1
  • Date – 25-26th November 2017.
  • The workshop was hosted by 2 students, namely Dirgh Kotharia, student ICT 16, Rajkumar Vaghasiya, a student of ICT16.
  • The workshop commenced by giving an overview of the language by why they should learn the language and what is the importance of learning a new language. The students were taught about the basics, about the class, objects and data types, and how execution in C++ is different from JAVA.
  • Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming was also taught. Each topic, the students were asked to solve some examples to get a complete knowledge and grip over the topic. As the day 1 ended, the students were given the assignment to solve at their respective homes.
  • Day2 included concept interfacing the packages. Since it was a difficult and an important topic in terms of future applications, it took a lot of time to be understood by the students. So, the whole day was required to teach the students about the same.