Mars Colonisation- A planet of Opportunities

IEEE IAS SB, PDPU organized this session to answer one of the biggest questions among space-enthusiasts, Is the Colonization of Mars possible? The discussion focused on the current conditions of Mars, its atmosphere, gravity and various other problems that hinder Mars Colonization and how we can overcome these problems. Moreover, the discussion revolved around various topics including SpaceX, Mars One, Terraforming, etc.

Colonization of Mars is the vision of many scientists. To have a colony on Mars is just a dream come true for many brilliant minds. IEEE IAS organized this session to quench the students’ curiosity on how this vision can become a reality and why it is still, just a dream. The technical team sat down to compile research of different institutions, hunt for answers and come up with an interactive discussion to answer all the queries.


Shubham Paranjapee and 
Abhijeet Sodha

DATE: 27th October 2017
TIMING: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Excluding the core-committee members, 25 students came up for this session.
A lot of inquisitive questions were asked and were debated on by the entire audience.

To make this event a good success there was a constant support from team members of IEEE IAS PDPU. We acknowledge the efforts put in by all the members and students who attended the event, for bringing in their curiosity and to participate in the event, making it a success.