MATLAB Workshop


  • MATLAB provides a rich application framework that allows you to work with complex mathematical problems and stimulate various problems on its add-on named  SIMULINK
  • MATLAB has been used for many years for solving various important aspects of mathematical methods of solving various non-analytical mathematical problems.


  • Demonstrate basic skills of using MATLAB and SIMULINK for implementing various mathematical applications.

Time:- 10 am to 4:00 pm.
Venue:- CAD-Lab
Faculty:- (Day -1) Dr.Vipin Shukla
                     (Day – 2) Mr. Mumukshu Trivedi And Mr. Parth Mehta


  • We received an overwhelming response from students of PDPU.
  • The selected 50 students seated in the CAD-Lab in E-block welcomed Mr. Vipin Shukla who started the workshop by teaching some of the basics of MATLAB followed by an introduction to mathematical uses of  MATLAB functions.
  • He initially introduced us to the MATLAB software interface.
  • In the pre-lunch session, we started with the matrix input and the various methodology of performing various functions.
  • In the post-lunch Session, we stated with the basic of the SIMULINK and studied various components like integrator and various other stuff and the stimulation
  • After that, we also learned about Control Theory and Modeling of various Different systems


  • We started with gaining the knowledge of solving various differential Equation using a numerical method with extensive showed the power of MATLAB in the field of mathematics and Physics.
  • There was an explanation of the various aspects of the Graph Theory in the post-lunch half.