Robot Tetris

DATE – 12 November 2017
VENUE– E- Block foyer
REGISTRATION FEES – 100/- per team


Robo – Tetris was organized by IEEE IAS SB, PDPU as part of tesseract 2017. It was held on 12th of November at 11 pm on E Block foyer. In these event participants from different colleges had to make a wired/ wireless robot attached with the gripping mechanism which can pick up and place a block to complete a specific task and complete the track in the least possible time.


The competition started at 11 pm and lasted until 1 pm on that day. Six student teams participated in the event. First, the participants were allowed to test their gripper by lifting and placing the blocks so that they can make necessary changes to the gripper. The track consisted of several turns and obstacles like the bridge which tested the driving skill of the participant. The track had places where the block had to be picked up and placed at another point which tested the efficiency of the gripping mechanism designed by the participants. Participants competed with one another by completing the track in the least possible time with least penalties and placing the blocks accurately in the given position.

First Prize – 5000/-
Second prize – 3000/-
Third prize – 2000/-

The outcome of the Event:

Through this competition, the participants got to know about the most convenient and effective gripping mechanism and the got to improvise their design in future so that this concept can be applied in their real life. They got an idea of the working mechanism of the gripper and places where it can be used. The results were based on the driving skill of the participant and the effectiveness of the design of the robot.


1st prize – Priyank Kela (PDPU)
2nd prize – Divyakumar Patel (PDPU)
3rd Prize – Jinal Kothari (PDPU)