IAS IEEE INSAT SB taking new initiatives

IAS IEEE INSAT Student branch came up with a
new idea this year and organized the first ever
held Industrial forum on Renewable Energy. The
event was held at INSRenewableril 7th. It was IAS’
first edition and certainly not the last one.The
main goal was to promote the renewable energy
sector in Tunisia and encourage students to take
the opportunity to work on this field. IAS IEEE
INSAT SB focused on really involving all members
in order for them to be satisfied and keep on leading the future generations within IAS IEEE INSAT SB.

Furthermore, this year, IAS continued to work on giving the opportunity for members to go on industrial visits to provide them with basic knowledge about work in industry and bridge the gap between corporate and students .We paid a visit to SEA LATELEC, a Tunisian subsidiary of the LATECOERE group, the world No. 2 aeronautical cabling and specializes in production of cable harnesses and aircraft equipment on board,and a visit to Karmex Grombalia ,which specializes in the manufacture of steel piping and piping for the automotive sector.

In addition, IAS organized multiple certified training sessions mainly in: LABView ,Quality management systems as well as Lean Manufacturing and Management.

And last but not least,IAS IEEE INSAT SB also worked on organizing workshops as they are a great way to learn and sharpen skills,meet experts,influencers and Network.We started with a workshop on problem solving in order to guide students on how to come up with innovative ideas and work on projects. A workshop on Biomass,Photovoltaic panels and storage and piezoelectric was,then, led by Mr. Miladi Mansour expert Ph.D. student and professor at ENIT and Ms. Saidi Rafika Ph.D. student in biology from INSAT.and finally, a workshop on supply chain which was conducted successfully and amazingly by Mr Ouséma Azouzi.

Warm thanks go to all the trainers for their support, and all of the IEEE members who continuously contribute to our Student Branch, for their efforts, motivation and determination to keep on creating a better future.