Renewable Energy Industrial forum

Date: 7th of April, 2018
Place: INSAT
Number of participants: 70 Students

IAS IEEE Student branch is organizing the first edition of the renewable energy industrial forum. With its two main axes, the expositions and the competition the forum was a great opportunity to every student who dreamt to initiate in the renewable energy field.

To demonstrate ingenuity, rigour and creativity this forum is dedicated to the popularization of the field of renewable energy while offering an occasion for students to communicate with companies and for companies to support the image of their brands.

In the first part of the event students from different universities as well as the teams participating in the competition exposed their creative and innovative projects to the industrialists who came to showcase their products and share their knowledge and experiences with our future leaders in that field.

The second part of the event was dedicated to the pitching during which the jury of the competition evaluated all the teams based on their pitching skills and the quality of their project and chose a winner who was awarded a prodigious prize offered by the pfi consulting.