Venue: GIFT City, Gandhinagar
Date: 15th June 2018

IAS DA-IICT Day was celebrated on 15th June 2018 to commemorate the IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter’s establishment in DA-IICT with a fruitful visit to GIFT City, Gandhinagar. The enthusiastic participation coupled with expert speakers and a breathtaking view made the day memorable. The venue was located in a conference room at 28th floor, the topmost floor of Gift One, Gujarat’s tallest building with a picturesque view outside.

The view outside the venue (topmost floor at GIFT City)         

Talk by Ms. Megha Tak

The day began with an immersive talk by founder Chairperson of IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter, Ms. Megha Tak who briefed about the establishment of IAS chapter in DA-IICT in 2012 and the help and courage received from various faculties and fellow students. The chapter was founded with the great help of Dr. Peter Magyar, the Chapter and Membership Development head (CMD Department) on his visit to India. Ms. Megha also talked about how IEEE and especially IAS has immensely contributed to her career as well as her social life. It gave us all an inspiration to stay connected with IEEE even after we graduate.

Next, Neelanshi Varia, the chairperson of IEEE IAS SB DA-IICT introduced all the participants with motto and activities carried out in the past. We then walked through an activity devised for networking purposes wherein all the participants introduced themselves along with their core interests, so as to establish understanding amongst themselves and know people with whom they share similar interests and skill sets. Students from around 10 colleges of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Vadodara had arrived even in the scorching heat for the event.

Introduction by Neelanshi Varia                   

Student introduction session

Dr. Anil Roy, the current chapter advisor of IEEE IAS Student Branch Chapter at DA-IICT enlightened all the participants about IEEE and IAS community by giving a brief overview of the history, purpose, and development of IEEE society. From IEEE’s inception as AIEE to current stage where it has its spread over not just electrical but all the areas including Machine Learning, Space science, Networking and Security and what not.

Dr. Anil K Roy

Dr. Anita Basalingappa

Highly awaited speaker, Dr. Anita Basalingappa, interested everyone with a fantastic talk on market demands, management and importance of branding. Putting up the slogan “Familiarity builds Confidence” she convinced every participant of the importance of brands and how they affect the demands and sales of any startup or company. Extending this concept to “Personal Brand” she beautifully explained how one should be firm and confident in any product he/she presents, so as to gain people’s confidence.

Mr. Braj Bhushan Mishra, general manager and head of Engineering and Fleet Management at ALSTOM Projects India Ltd., gave an extraordinary talk on the recent innovations and technologies implemented at ALSTOM Projects and gave a great insight into the importance and the fruitful consequences of a person’s innovations. He, having attended many conferences around the world, shared his experiences. He ended with various valuable life morals explaining the importance of time and how one should spend it very efficiently.

The talk by Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal and Mr. Alok Hurra , co-owners at Brainbow Academy of Multiple Intelligence, was mind-boggling. They introduced with scientific proofs, a relatively unknown branch multiple intelligence, dissecting a person’s thoughts and interests with just his fingerprints. They ran us through the science underlying it and explained how their academy has highly succeeded in showing people their correct interest and how they can avoid stress and tensions by following their right, built-in skill.

Mr. Braj Bhushan Mishra

Mr. Alok Hurra

The attendees were enthralled with all this wonderful new information accompanied by the view of the cityscape from the 28th floor of Gujarat’s tallest building, Gift One. Enjoying the delicious lunch arranged, the attendees partook in various thought-provoking discussions with the speakers and other attendees alike. The students thus experienced an astonishing mixture of information on various topics surrounded by a citywide view from an elevation of 100 meters.

The speaker session ended with a very active interaction session and felicitation to all the speakers. In the windy atmosphere, the students enjoyed the lunch by making new friends. Lunch was followed by another networking activity wherein the students were divided into groups and played an intricately carved quiz with exciting prizes at stake.

Cooling system at GIFT City

Fun activity

This was followed by a tour of the GIFT City, where the city’s technological advancement was explained by the city’s modern technologies like automated drainage system, automated waste collection system was intricately explained. The single AC duct used to circulate cool air to any part of the city, smart bus stands and underground tunnels for convenient transportations and other amazing facilities were detailed. Mr. Dhyan Trivedi, along with the HR Head at GIFT City guided us through the whole tour.

In the end, all the participants were gifted Bluetooth Speakers and we departed with a well cherishable memory and great learning. Enthralling conversations, fruitful networking, beautiful views and entertaining speeches along with an enlightening tour of the smart city made the event a successful one.