Computer Science Tutorial series

With the help of the Research Club of DA-IICT, IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter volunteers conducted a tutorial series on a range of topics related to computer science. Under the guidance of professors, research club prepared a set of tutorials on various topics which have a good scope in research and applications. The tutorials contained topic relevant resources to study from and a few problems to be solved based on the knowledge acquired after the study of the suggested material.

The first introductory session was held at CEP 108 on 7th February 2018. In the session, we introduced students to all the problems, giving a rough idea of how to go about it and cleared doubts related to that field. Students were divided based on their subject interests in groups and were assigned the problems. This will be followed by a series of sessions to keep a check on their progress followed by a final presentation of which the second session is already conducted. More number of students registered for the contest then were present at the session.

The second session was again held at CEP 108 on 16th February 2018. It was based on the topic neural networks which were a part of the tutorial series. This sub-session was taken by Vaibhav Patel and Neelanshi Varia for the students interested in Neural Networks. Projects and material were assigned to the group after explanation of available problems, scope, and applicability. Around 25 students attended the session.

The tutorial series has been organized for the first time in DA-IICT and so far it has proved to be very productive and promotes a unique way of learning together as a student community. This has given an excellent opportunity for the senior batch students to pass on their knowledge and foster a healthy competitive environment for their juniors. More sessions on respective subjects in the tutorial series are yet to follow the two successful sessions. IEEE IAS DA-IICT has witnessed another completely new event in its history, which has been applauded by many.