Hackathon : Tic-Tech-Toe’18

Tic-Tech-Toe’18 was jointly organized by Women in Engineering Affinity Group of IEEE Student Branch DA-IICT and DA-IICT Center for Entrepreneurship and Incubation(DCEI) on October 5-7, 2018 at DA-IICT, Gandhinagar.

IEEE IAS DA-IICT SB Execom Members actively volunteered throughout the event. From visiting companies for Sponsorship to making calls to participating teams for confirmation, IEEE IAS DA-IICT SB volunteered in various tasks before, during and after the hackathon. It is a vibrant hackathon where all the programmers, developers and designers come together under one roof and develop mind-boggling theme-based mobile/web applications within a span of just 30 hours! The teams are on the run all days and all nights of the hackathon and with a seamless dose of coding, creativity and not to forget the accompanied thrill, the applications are ready to use at the end of the adrenaline pumping 30 hours! The team with the most amazing applications are rewarded with the well-deserved prizes. Tic-Tech-Toe’18 is not just a contest but a home for all the enthusiastic tech makers to connect and grow together!

Day 1: 5th October 2018

The event started with registration of participants at 9 pm at LT3. 180 participants in all registered for the event and the participation was from not only Gujarat but also from cities like Mumbai and Delhi. All the teams had at least one female member and this high involvement of women in engineering is our aim. Each Registration Kit given to the teams included Goodies from Github such as Github Stickers, Github Cheat Sheets, Github Comics. The kit also included Tic-Tech-Toe Hackathon stickers, food coupons, and ID cards. After distributing registration kits to the participants, we began with the inaugural ceremony at 10:30 pm in the LT3. It began with a brief introduction of organizing partners and sponsors. Our sponsors for the event were: Title Sponsor: Juniper Networks, Platform Sponsor: Hackerearth and Hasura, Branding Sponsor GitHub, and IEEE Gujarat Section. It was followed by a declaring the rules and regulations and the theme for the event.

The theme for Tic-Tech-Toe 2018 was “EdTech: Technological breakthroughs in education”. Based on this theme, three problem statements were given to the teams. Each team had to choose any one of these problem statements to work on. They were: 1) Improve Learning Techniques. 2) Communication in Education 3) Facilitate Education in Rural Areas. The teams were very excited to start working on the given themes. The competition was scheduled to start at 12:00 am and our platform was HackerEarth. Before 12 am, the teams were given time for networking. Finally, the spectacular moment of coders coding, designers planning and a team working to build something in the next 30 hours arrived.

Day 2: 6th October 2018

After completion of the ideation and planning stage, all the participants started building their hacks. All the teams were seated in LT3. They were provided with extension boards, WiFi accessibility, and other necessary things. Almost all the participants stayed up the entire night and coded in the area, while some went to take a little rest in the accommodation provided. In the morning healthy breakfast was provided to all the participants. After the rejuvenation, the coders again got back to coding. To give them a break and make use of their time as well a session on Github was arranged in the afternoon. The speaker for the event was GitHub Student Representative, Daniel Phiri. He explained how GitHub platform can be used in an efficient way. He guided students to create Pull Requests and Branches on Github. After the session, a delicious lunch was provided to all the participants. Doubts related to the problem statement given were also solved. In the evening, the participants got a headstart in their work, when two officials from Red Bull provided all participants with two cans of RedBull. The day ended with the participants starting to wrap up their work for presenting their final prototype.

Day 3: 7th October 2018

Finally, the submission was done at 6:00 am. The Hackerearth submission platform was closed at 6:00 am. Soon the judges arrived and participants were asked to be ready with their working model in LT3. The judges personally went to meet each team. Judges interacted with each team, discussed technologies they used, how well the understood and applied the theme efficiently. After extensive examination and comprehensive evaluation, top ten teams were shortlisted. These ten teams were given a chance to present their application as well as a powerpoint presentation. It was difficult for the judges to arrive at the decision for such amazing applications everyone had developed. Soon the winners were declared. Team S.A.F.A.R.J.A.N (VGEC) was awarded the First Position. Weird AI (VGEC + Nirma) came Second. The third Position was bagged by The Errors (DA-IICT). An Honorable Mention was given to Techie Blasters (DA-IICT).

Winners were awarded INR 15,000/- cash prize, Headphones, Juniper t-shirts, goodies, and certificates. 1st Runner-Up Team was awarded INR 10,000/- cash prize, certificates, goodies, and Juniper t-shirts. The 2nd Runner-Up team received INR 5000/- cash prize, certificates, and Juniper and Hasura t-shirts. The team with honorable mention also received Juniper t-shirts.

It was a memorable experience for all the participants as well as the organizing committee. The judges and speakers also appreciated the efforts and motivated us to make Tic-Tech-Toe bigger each year. With this enthusiasm, Tic-Tech-Toe’18 concluded for the year, with the promise to make it bigger and better each year and encourage the budding engineers especially the women tech-makers!