Treasure Hunt – i.FEST‘18

i.Fest ‘18 is the annual technical fest of DA-IICT headed by IEEE Student Branch Chapter DA-IICT.  IEEE Student Branch DA-IICT in association with IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter organized Treasure Hunt, the major fun event of i.Fest ‘18.

This was a single day event. The registrations for this event started in the morning on the day, this event was to be conducted, i.e. October 7th. Students from different universities of Gujarat registered for this fun event. The registrations were available for teams, as well as individuals. This was the first time, that we got more than 500 registrations. A total of 50 teams were to be formed, with each team consisting of at least 2 DA-IICT students. This was a time-consuming task, which the team exceptionally handled.

A team hunting its  next clue

The theme of this year’s Treasure Hunt was “Around the DA-IICT in 2 hours”. It was a 2-hour long event, where the participants would roam around the campus, trying to figure out the clues they were assigned. All the famous spots of DA-IICT campus were assigned to specific famous city or country according to that spot’s uniqueness. The teams had to collect a total of 6 clues in order to contest for the price. There were three positions for the price.

Happy students on finding their clue

The event began in the evening around 6:30 pm. The first clue was given from the Open Air Theatre. All the teams had to go the specific spot, where the coordinators stood, to check the clues correctness, and the teams were then given fun tasks to get their next clue. DAIICT saw the teams, running around, coordinating among themselves, to find the hidden meaning behind the clues, working as a team. The sight of students involved in the event was in itself so entertaining to others. Everyone was rushing around, bumping into people, asking them whether they had any clues and calling their lazy teammates who were left behind at the last spot.

People looking for a clue at DAIICT Map area

After 1 hour and 17 minutes, the first team successfully deciphered all of their six clues. And in just 1 hour and 35 minutes, we got the three winner teams, who were awarded during the closing ceremony of i.Fest 2018.