Machine Learning Sessions for UG Students – II

Session 2 of the Fall Semester:

The next session of IEEE MI-SIG in association with IEEE IAS DAIICT Student Branch Chapter was conducted on 15th September 2018. In our last session, we had given out google forms to fill in by the students who were interested in joining the growing community and getting involved in semester-long projects and insightful discussions. Out of nearly 50 received forms, IEEE MISIG selected 24 enthusiastic and promising members to work on projects throughout the semester. On their first meet with the selected students, general project ideas were discussed in various domains like Time-series Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, reinforcement learning and so on. The students were asked to brainstorm a few ideas and decide upon a project idea which has enough resources available on the internet to refer to. It was a good discussion and many substantial topics were discussed upon.

Some seniors talked about their past projects in various domains. They thoroughly explained the need for mathematics for understanding the topics of machine learning in depth. A few advises were given out to the students regarding how to approach a machine learning problem. In the end, the students networked amongst themselves and discussed possible project topics they had in their mind.