A Workshop on the topic “Characterization and Control of DC Drives” was organized at Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (I.I.S.T.) on October 2nd, 2018 as a part of IEEE Day, under IEEE IAS Student Branch Chapter IIST in association with IA/IE/PEL Jt.Chapter Kerala. Mr. Prasoon Chandran, vice chair IEEE SB IIST welcomed the participants and briefed about the importance of IEEE in the context of IEEE Day.

The workshop was handled by Mr. Ranjith and Mr. Archit of final year Power Electronics, IIST. The session started with a presentation on the closed-loop control structure of DC motor, Machine ratings and obtaining parameters of the machine for the design of the controller. The Digital implementation of the speed controllers in Texas Instruments Digital Signal Controller TMS320F28377S was discussed in detail. The usage of interrupts and different peripherals required and their initialization and configuration for the control were covered in the session. The presentation was followed by a live demonstration session at the power electronics research lab, IIST. The working of the closed loop speed control of DC motor was explained with hardware experimental setup. 11 IEEE student members and 20 guests attended the workshop. The workshop was very interactive and the participants cleared their doubts regarding the topic during the presentation as well as during the demonstration session.