Visit of Dr. Tomy Sebastian-Former IAS Chairman

Dr. Tomy Sebastian who was the former IAS chair visited Sri Lanka to participate in the Annual IEEE Sri Lanka Section Student Young Professional Women in Engineering Congress of 2018 and gave a keynote speech in there. As part of his visit, we invited Dr. Tomy to visit the University of Moratuwa Student Branches IAS chapter and discuss the future if IAS of University if Moratuwa. Branch Student Counsellor Dr. Upuli Jayathunga, Former and Current Office bearers of IAS University of Moratuwa and around 5 IAS members participated the occasion.

Current chairman and vice chairman of IAS university if Moratuwa, branch Student counselor and the Dean of Engineering Faculty of the University of Moratuwa then had a discussion with Dr. Tomy about the IAS activities around the University of Moratuwa and how it helped the University to increase the interaction with IEEE with the University students.

Finally, several groups of final year students demonstrated their final year projects to Dr. Tomy and explained them.