The IEEE SB DAIICT in association with IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter organized Summer School 2019 from 17th to 23rd June 2019 on the topic of Android development, with special focus on Blockchain. The event was organized in the LT-1, from 10 am to 5 pm and was attended by around 105 enthusiastic participants. The event was conducted by speakers from industries, Mr. Intkhab Ahmed for Android Development and Mr. Yash Sharma for Blockchain, who had a plethora of practical knowledge as well as experience on the topic.

The event began on DAY 1 with a speech delivered by the chairperson of the IEEE SB DAIICT, Mr. Abhi Ratnaman, followed by the lighting of the lamp by the speaker and the Summer School 2019 team, who had put their heart and soul in this event. Mr. Ahmed then began the session officially by discussing various aspects of Java and OOP. He then introduced the students to Android Studio and the activity life cycle.

 On DAY 2, the speaker took the students to explore deeper concepts related to android development. He started with building basic layouts and connecting Java backend with the layouts. He then discussed building advanced layouts and introduction to UI components. Lastly, he introduced the students to Gradle and the concept of importing libraries.

DAY 3 covered furthermore about android development including topics like Intents and Activities, Fragments and Custom classes, Listviews, and Adapters, and Database – both offline and online (Firebase).

On the last day of Android Development, DAY 4, the speaker discussed some final, yet important aspects of Android Development – JSON parsing and Web View, HTTP Networking, Threading and Parallelism, Preferences, and API calls. Day 4 also included the celebration of IAS DA-IICT Day, which was conducted by the IEEE IAS DAIICT Student Branch Chapter.

IAS DA-IICT Day is usually celebrated on the 15th of June every year. But this year, the IEEE IAS DAIICT Student Branch Chapter collaborated with the IEEE SB DAIICT for Summer School 2019 and the IAS DA-IICT Day on the 20th of June. The celebration started at 5 pm inside the LT-1, after the end of the regular session. The celebration commenced by a speech by the Chairperson of the IEEE IAS DAIICT Student Branch Chapter Ms. Raksha Rank, followed by a fun quiz, the winners of which were awarded IEEE IAS DAIICT T-shirts, and lastly, a declaration of the start of a Campus Photography competition.

 DAY 5 marked the beginning of Blockchain. The speaker, Mr. Yash Sharma, started with an introduction to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and D-apps. He then explained blockchain protocols, cryptography, and hash functions. The last thing that he introduced to the class for the day was the design of consensus of protocols. 

DAY 6, the last learning day of the event, was started by a discussion on topics related to blockchain in greater detail. Mr. Sharma discussed the security patterns for networking, the design of network architecture, making Smart Contracts, and combining the Android app and blockchain. At the end of the session, the speakers were presented with mementos to acknowledge their efforts to make this event a knowledgeable experience for the participants. Day 6 also marked the start of the contest in which the participants were required to use the concepts of Android development and blockchain and develop an application of their own, individually or in groups of at most four.

DAY 7, the concluding day of Summer School 2019, had two major events taking place – first, the announcement of IAS DA-IICT Day photography competition winners, and second, the evaluation of the applications made by the participants and declaration of the winners. The day began with a quiz organized by the team to test the understanding of the topics of Summer School, but also had fun, non-technical questions that required the participants to think out of the box. The winners of the quiz were facilitated by IEEE SB DAIICT T-shirts. This was followed by the evaluation and presentation of the projects prepared by the groups. Mr. Harsh Patel, a senior member of the team and a recipient of the IEEE IAS travel grant, was entrusted with the responsibility of judging the competition. All the projects were incredible, but only one could win. 

The Summer School was a successful, much-appreciated endeavor undertaken by the IEEE SB DAIICT, which has always worked to give maximum learning opportunities to those associated with it. The event has been highly praised by the participants, who gained industrial-level knowledge, as well as the speakers, who said that the event was one of its kind.