Mohit SetiaThe IEEE IAS vision “to be a world leader in the advancement of technology and dissemination of technical information to support professionals engaged in the applications of electrical and electronic engineering to industry”  has became possible with the professional connection of Industry Professionals in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

With time IAS has turned out a source of professional power with its nearly 10,000 worldwide members.  Through a network of over 100 chapters globally, regional events and national and international  conferences, the society keeps members abreast of current developments in the area of technology in electricity and electronics.

Currently, there are 52 student branch  chapters and 136 society chapters, total 188 IAS chapters which conduct their chapter activities worldwide and sometimes confined to their particular regions. All chapters maintain a set of local activities to keep members updated with the current state of art technology. With these innovative minds keep exploring better possibilities of events and activities, these activities must be recognized by other chapters and can be followed to some extent as per case to case basis.

This IAS CMD Chapter News website is an initiative by CMD to identify such activities and spread it among chapters. Also this website serves an interaction platform between different chapter organizers to exchange ideas regarding chapter activities or for holding a combined chapter events.

Student Branch chapters can submit their activities by following instructions on submit an activity page, along with report (in .doc or .docx format with suitable pics) to publish their activities on this website.

IAS CMD and SB Chapters Electronic Communication Chair will select activities to be circulated among SB chapters across globe through a weekly newsletter.


Mohit Setia

Student Branch Chapters Electronic Communication Committee Chair

Industry Applications Society

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