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As part of Vidyut ’14, National Level Tech Fest of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus, IEEE Student Branch in association with Industry Applications Society conducted a two day workshop on “Energy Efficient Machines” on 30th and 31st Jan, 2014. The sessions were handled by Engineers Ms. Uma S., Mr. Prabhu, and Mr. Muthu Murugan from VI Microsystems, Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. Around 102 students from different branches of Engineering participated for the workshop.

            The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. P. S. Chandramohanan Nair, Chairman, Electrical and Electronics Engineering  Dept. of Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri, and Dr. P. Kanakasabapathy, Vice Chairman, , Electrical and Electronics Engineering  Dept. of Amrita School of Engineering Dept., ASE Kollam. The sessions commenced after the inaugural function.

Geostrategy of Energy workshop BUTE SBC

A specific workshop took place as one of the BUTE SBC’s György Jendrassik Memorial Semester’s co-organised by BME Institute of Nuclear Techniques, the HAS Committee of Energy Engineering and the CEA Regional delegation. The title of the workshop was the Geostrategy of Energy. The first half was held by Mr. Bertrand Barré, Professor Emiratus at INSTN (France) and the second half was presented by Mr. Zoltán Tihanyi, Deputy CEO of the Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company (MAVIR). Firstly Mr. Barré introduced the social and geographical aspect of the energy consumption growth. He explained the fossil energy trade frames globally and the energy portfolios in several countries. Mr. Tihanyi continued the workshop with the challenges of the European electricity market. He talked about the main principles of the European Commission and ACER referred to the electrical energy markets. We got a view of the existing and proposed markets in the EU and the prospects of Hungary.

The workshop has been recorded and now it is available on our Youtube channel, through the following link:


University of Sarajevo SB attends Days of young engineers workshop

Days of young engineers

July 24-28, 2013

The first “Days of young engineers” workshop has been held in Široki Brijeg on July 24th till July 28th 2013. The idea of the project was to gather Electrical engineering students from whole Bosnia and Herzegovina and nearby regions so that they socialize, have some lectures and visit few interesting places.

Our faculty was represented by our five IEEE IAS student members. Also students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla, Faculty of Electrical Engineering East Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Split and Faculty of Electrical Engineering Zagreb took participation in this event.Days of young engineers Continue reading University of Sarajevo SB attends Days of young engineers workshop

University of Sarajevo SB visit at 1st R-8 Mediterranean SB IAS Chapter Chair Workshop

December 14-15, 2013

As the old adage says – all roads lead to Rome, so it is no wonder that  the path of the first Workshop of the Region R-8 SB IAS led us all there. It was interesting to see SB representatives from all around Europe and Asia together in a city that was once the center of civilization. The workshop was held on 14th December 2013. Although by calendar it was winter in Europe, in Rome it felt like an early spring. The official part of the workshop was held in the historical building of the Technical University with a beautiful courtyard where we were reminded by the orange tree why was the workshop called Mediterranean. Presentations began after registering and getting to know the friendly volunteers from the Italian SB. CMD Peter Magyar and President of IAS Blake Lloyd were in charge of introducing us to the current activities and future plans of all sectors of Society. Their presentations have caused competitive spirit among the student branches and the desire to make our activities for the coming year on higher level. Then Professor Parise, from University La Sapienza, as our host, presented all the preparations which Italian SB had taken in organizing this workshop and for which we were very grateful. This was followed by presentations of the activities of all participating Student Branches. During the presentations many ideas were exchanged and later on were topic of discussions during the lunch.


Continue reading University of Sarajevo SB visit at 1st R-8 Mediterranean SB IAS Chapter Chair Workshop

101st Region 8 Committee Meeting

101st Region 8 Committee Meeting

October 4-6, 2013

This year Sarajevo had the great honor to host the 101st IEEE Region 8 Committee meeting. More than 100 Region 8 members and IEEE staff gathered on 4-6 October in hotel Hollywood, on the outskirts of town. Young volunteers of the IEEE IAS Student Branch University of Sarajevo were responsible for the registration of invitees. Actually for most of them that was the first opportunity to attend one of the IEEE events. The program of the meeting consisted of presentations of BH Chapter Activity and the Activity presentations of the association. Presentations were generally followed by technical discussions related to current and further events and developments in IEEE Region 8.


A few surprises have been saved for the members by the end of the evening. During dinner real fireworks were created when the secret cake has been delivered from the kitchen. Although a few days late, birthday celebration of IEEE was cheerful and very tasty. The atmosphere was complemented by the young dancers of traditional dances that have presented old-time rhythms of B&H in colorful costumes. Continue reading 101st Region 8 Committee Meeting

SB IEEE IAS Sarajevo at 11th BH K CIGRÉ conference

September 15-19, 2013

International Council on Large Electric Systems Committee for Bosnia and Herzegovina – BH K CIGRÉ held its 11th conference in Neum. The conference lasted four days, from 15th to 19th September of 2013.  410 contributors and guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad attended the conference. The exhibition of power systems equipment and also a large number of professional presentations were held within the conference. Student Branch IEEE IAS Sarajevo was also one of the participants of the exhibition. Information desk with lots of promotional material was hard to avoid, and students Tarik Hubana and Sidik Hodžić were willing to give answers to all questions. There were a many visits and interest in the IEEE IAS section of B&H, and we got a couple of new members. One of the proposals was to establish a website with all the necessary information, so our members started quickly to work to achieve this goal. We can conclude that the BH K CIGRÉ conference was a great place to promote the IEEE IAS society in B&H, and that we attracted even greater interest in our so far suprisingly strong, recently formed, section.file


Tarik Hubana, member of the Chapter board

Graduate student Member

University of Sarajevo Student Branch IAS Chapter,

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

How to write CV, motivation letter and do an interview with an employer?

On our faculty was held a workshop called „How to write CV, motivation letter and do an interview with an employer?“. IAS Student Branch University of Sarajevo decided to organize this workshop because these are the first things that our members will need when they look for the job. Moreover, those are the skills they can’t learn at the faculty. The workshop was held in a way that instructors from these fields explain to students many things which include:  How to write CV and motivation letter? How to do an interview with an employer? It was very useful and interesting.  Some crucial things were learned, things as important for the future career as is the theoretical knowledge. In a conversation with the instructor was learned how to be focused on things that you really want and are important to you. This kind of workshop is advisable to be held just for a few people, so there were a few members of IAS Student Branch Sarajevo. First, CV was written by the students, and then the same was corrected by the instructor, providing the explanation to students. One of the very well-remembered sentences of the workshop was: „It is better to write successful things which you achieved, than to praise without enrichment“. Then the motivation letter was written to a company of the student’s choice. Students were more successful in writing motivation letter than in writing a CV and the instructor did not have to correct them a lot. Third thing was an interview in a way that a few of students were acting as the employers, and a few were acting as the future workers. It was very funny, especially for the „employers“  who were very rigorous and demanding. In the end, it was very nice experience and everyone hope it will help them to find the job they want in the futurefile

Dženan Klepo

Graduate student Member

University of Sarajevo Student Branch IAS Chapter,

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

University of Sarajevo Student Branch IAS Chapter visits IEMDC

May 12-15, 2013


The trip to Chicago to attend the IEEE IEMDC Conference, in period from 12th to 15th of May, was definitely one of the best experiences in my life.  I drew such great benefits that will certainly prove as great foundations for my career. Before the arrival in Chicago, I spent a day in Budapest, where I’ve met Tímea Kántor, who would be my roommate during the IEMDC conference in the „Windy city“. Tímea and I have already been in contact but we’ve finally met in person in Budapest. She was a great roommate, later on a friend, and I’m glad to say that we are still in contact to this very day.


During the conference in Chicago, I’ve met some of the finest experts in engineering, with whom I engaged in conversation and exchanged contact information. We talked a lot about subjects related to my current work and in general my area of expertise. I’ve learned a lot from those people and those conversations were a great source of experience. Especially, I’m glad I had a chance to met people like Mr. Mpanda Augustin from France and Mr. Geoff Klempner from Canada. As I sad earlier, we’ve exchanged contact information and maintain contact, there is still more for me to learn from them. Continue reading University of Sarajevo Student Branch IAS Chapter visits IEMDC

UNSA SB IAS Chapter: Recruitment day

Recruitment day

27th February 2014

Every now and then it is desirable to inform students about possibilities provided by IEEE IAS. From one hand IEEE IAS can provides many ways for personal achievement to students (information about new technologies, conferences, awards, etc.). From the other hand our Student Branch is as strong as its members. More members mean more ideas to improve ourselves. Driven by those motives we organized recruitment day on our faculty. Continue reading UNSA SB IAS Chapter: Recruitment day