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In order to get in touch with practical application , IAS VJEC SBC conducted an industrial visit to ‘SARK CABLE PVT LTD’ Palakkad .From there we observed the industrial procedures  dealt  with the processes in making cables required for different purposes in electrical field. The students were divided into two batches. Each batch was guided by the staff from that industry. The visit was conducted under Mr. Nikhil Valsan K, chapter advisor VJEC SBC.


IAS VJEC SBC’s Visit to Install Tech

An industrial visit was organized by IAS aiming at improving the practical application of student’s

knowledge. This journey was to ‘INSTALL TECH’ located at Palakkad. The industrial visit team was accompanied by 4 staff members- Mr. Nikhil Valsan, Mr. Jobin Rocky, Mr.Jithin and St. Ancelin of EEE department. The visit was conducted on 26th February 2014.

INSTALL TECH consists of equipments and machines that were used in big industries. There we came across switches, MCBs, ELCBs, panel boards etc. Two guides explained the working of different equipments.

The industrial visit was a great success and we gained a lot of ideas, knowledge and information of various things by this industrial visit.



The IAS VJEC SBC conducted industrial visit to EL POWER TRANSFORMERS to have a better understanding about the transformer production. The visit was held on 26th of February 2014. The industry is located at Palakkad district in Kerala. The industrial visit team was accompanied by 4 staff members. They are Mr.Nikhil Valsan, Mr. Jobin Rocky, Mr.Jithin and Sr Ancelin of EEE dept. Our group consisted of 52 students.

There students came across different machines used for testing transformer equipments namely CT testing panel, PT testing panel, high power frequency testing panel, transformer oil test kit, primary and secondary winding core in a transformer etc.      VJEC


IAS VJEC SBC’s Project Presentation

As part of the activities of the IEEE IAS VJEC SBC, we conducted an electrical based project presentation for the final year students. The students were divided into different groups and were made to work for  each topics. The different projects in the presentation were:

  1. Coconut harvesting machine
  2. Automatic plant irrigation system
  3. Design and fabrication of novel smart meter architecture using GSM network
  4. Talking energy meter with automatic load cutoff
  5. Multi counter token system for hospitals
  6. Eye blink controlled wheel chair
  7. Soft switching interleaved boost converter
  8. Jeevan suraksha jacket for defence forces
  9. Unmanned automated railway level crossing system
  10. Embedded smart energy meter
  11. Unmanned petrol pump
  12. Speed control of BLDC motor



The IEEE IAS VJEC SBC conducted a workshop on energy harvesting on 27th January  in the afternoon session. The workshop was conducted by  Jayakumar Nair, Programme manager ,ANERT(The Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology) Palakkad. The workshop gave a better idea of different renewable sources like solar, wind and other sources . The necessity of the conservation of energy was also dealt with. Around 150 students and 12 staffs attended the workshop.





ON 27th JANUARY 2014

           IAS student branch of Vimal Jyothi engineering college inaugurated on 27th January 2014 in presence of the delegates   Mr. Peter Magyar IAS CMD chair, Mr. Blake Lloyd president IEEE IAS and Mr. Sreekanth Vasudev.

Mr. Nikhil Valsan K chapter advisor delivered the welcome speech. After that Mr. Midhun Manohar read the IEEE code of ethics. Fr. Geo Pulikan chairman of Vimal Jyothi engineering college addressed the gathering. The function was inaugurated by lighting the lamp. After the inauguration Mr. Blake Lloyd gave the few words to audiences. Dr. Benny Joseph college principal gave the message to the gathering. Mr. Peter Magyar gave the first membership card to Mr. Darwin Joseph. Then there was an introductory class by Mr.Peter Magyar about IAS CMD activities. After that Mr. Sreekanth vasudev gave a brief talk on IAS Region-10 activities. Then there was a prize and certificate distribution for the events conducted by IAS SBC. Mr. Magyar did the distribution of certificates. Fr. Jinu Vadakkemulanjina, administrator of Vimal Jyothi, Ms. Laly James head of the dept. electrical and electronics engineering delivered the felicitation.

        Miss. Smruthi p v, secretary of IAS vimal Jyothi read the report of our Student Branch activities. Mr. Jyothis Joseph delivered the vote of thanks. After the feedback of respective delegates we had a photo section. 12 Continue reading INAUGURATION of VJEC SB

VJEC IAS SB’s workshop on programmable logic control


On 21-10-2013 a workshop on programmable logic control (PLC) was conducted by Industry Applicaions Society (IAS) and dept of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of vimal jyothi engineering college. The workshop start by welcome speech that lead by our branch councillor Mr.Nikhil valsan.The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sarin C R (Assst. Prof. EEE dept.). The section was very interesting. First of all he give an introduction about the PLC then he teached us how to proamme in PLC.It was full of pictures no charactrs are there in programme. Its very interesting to programme in PLC. He also showed as the hardware of it too. The section wind up with the vote of thanks by our chapter chair Mr. Jyothis Joseph. The session was very useful and fruitful for us.


Vimal Jyothi Engineering College SB IAS Chapter: Workshop on introduction to matlab software

Report on two day Workshop on Matlab, Aurdino and C

A two day workshop was held in our college  under IEEE IAS VJEC SBC. We had classes on MATLAB, AURDINO and COMPUTER PROGRAMING IN C. The classes were handled by Mr. Nikhil Valsan K, Mr. Sunil Paul and Mr.Midhun T.P, Assistant professors from various departments. All the students were given in hand training in all these areas.  The session for matlab brought new ideas regarding simulation and its prospects in the engineering field. All the students were much excited with the simulation of different electric circuits in engineering design. Continue reading Vimal Jyothi Engineering College SB IAS Chapter: Workshop on introduction to matlab software