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Energy auditing session

Along with the activities which involve a lot of interaction, the student branch also focuses on building the technical knowledge of its members as well as the institutes’ students. Taking a cue from this, the IAS Chapter and WIE affinity group of the Student branch together organized a talk on Energy Auditing and Conservation. The session was handled by Ms.Prayaga Pratap and Dilshamol Abbas, third-year Electrical and Electronics Engineering students of the institute and runners up in the National Energy Auditing competition. Continue reading Energy auditing session

IEEE IAS SBC Inauguration & Distinguished Lecture Program (DLP)

The IEEE SCT SB launched its new chapter Industrial Applications Society (IAS) on 1st March 2019, which was followed by the Distinguished Lecture Program (DLP) by Prof. Vassilios G Agelidis. Prof. Vassilios G Agelidis is an IEEE dignitary who is currently serving as the Professor at the Centre for Electric Power and Energy, DTU Electrical Engineering. Continue reading IEEE IAS SBC Inauguration & Distinguished Lecture Program (DLP)

Academic board game competition – Inline

On May 27, 2018, our chapter held a large-scale academic board game competition called “Inline”. The competition was very large, with more than 100 players participating in the competition. The staff involved all grades from undergraduate to doctoral.

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Annual General Body Meeting

The Annual General Body of IEEE Student Branch College of Engineering Karunagappally was conducted on 01/02/2018. The program commenced with the IEEE Code of Ethics followed by the introduction of updated IEEE Student Branch Constitution familiarization to new members. The counselor and advisor of IEEE SB CEK addressed the students. The election was carried out under the guidance of former Execom and new office bearers were elected.

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Report: Interpersonal Skills Development Session

IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter organized an interpersonal skills development session in association with the members of Toastmasters International on 19th March 2018 in CEP 110, DA-IICT. Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization, internationally recognized for the purpose of helping students improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. The session was taken by the toastmasters Mr. K. P. Jani, Mr. Amit Gulati and Mr. Rhythm who made it valuable and fun learning for all the attendees. Continue reading Report: Interpersonal Skills Development Session

Distinguished Lecture2017

Distinguished lecturer/Prominent lecturer Name: Dr. Akshay K. Rathore
Title: Associate professor, Concordia University, Canada 

Lecture information
Venue (Country, City): Conference Hall of Department of Electrical Engg.,IIT(BHU)Varanasi, India
Date:29 December 2017
Type of event (Chapter meeting, Technical seminar, etc.): Technical Seminar
Title of lecture: Single reference six pulse modulation (SRSPM) for high frequency pulsating dc link three-phase inverter
Duration:1 hours Continue reading Distinguished Lecture2017

Is the Future Data Scientists?

The advances in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence present the risk of drastically shaking up the usual structures of the world, ranging from the business world to everyday life. But the benefits of these technologies are undeniable, and their rapid progress makes it necessary to constantly update our benchmarks and our information. Continue reading Is the Future Data Scientists?


Date of Event: 31st August 2017 (Thursday)

The CRO Workshop was held in order to explain its working and features. CRO is an electronic display device containing a cathode ray tube (CRT) that generates an electric beam that is used to produce visible patterns, or graphs, on a fluorescent screen. The graphs plot the relationship between two or more variables, with the horizontal axis normally being a function of time and the vertical axis usually a function of the voltage generated by the input signal to the oscilloscope. The main components of the device are Cathode ray tube (CRT), electron gun, a system for focusing and deflecting the electron beam, and a screen which is a visual representation of the voltages applied to the deflection plates. The CRO is one of the most widely used test instruments: its commercial, engineering, and scientific applications include acoustic research, television-production engineering, and electronics design. Continue reading ACADEMIC SKILL DEVELOPMENT-2: CRO Workshop

Wireless Power Transmission

The first lecture of the Budapest University of technology and Economics Jt. IAS/PES Student Branch Chapter in the 2016/2017 spring semester was about wireless power transmission, and the attendees could listen to a presentation about its history, current problems and the possible future solutions. The lecturer was Dr. Szabolcs Gyimóthy, a professor of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, who is a well-known researcher in this field. He reviewed the past of the wireless power transmission and presented two transmission methods. The first called near field, where the effective range of the transmitter and the receiver is few centimeters. The other one is the far field transmission, which has bigger distance between the antennas.

Industrial Visit to SLBC High Power Broadcasting Centre

An industrial visit of level 2 undergraduates of Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering to Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation’s high-power broadcasting Centre in Trincomalee was organized by the IEEE Industry Applications Society of the University of Moratuwa. Undergraduates visit the transmission center on 10th November 2017 and the visit was a huge success with the participation of over 80 undergraduates. The main aim of this project was to create the much-needed industry exposure to the fresh undergraduates and balance the deficit with the theoretical knowledge to practical knowledge.

On August 12, 1980, the representative from Deutsche Welle in Germany and the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in Colombo signed a mutual agreement, whereby a large radio broadcasting station, medium wave, and shortwave would be constructed at the former Royal Navy base in Trincomalee Harbor. This agreement is to a mediumwave transmitter at 600kW, three shortwave transmitters at 250kW, and one communication transmitter at 10kW. Both parties agreed to double the station’s broadcasting equipment’s if needed. This station was planned as a joint project between Deutsche Welle in Germany and radio Teheran in Iran.

The three shortwave transmitters were heard at a good level throughout Asia and well beyond also. Mediumwave transmitter was also heard widely. But with the civil war in Sri Lanka and company policies, Deutsche Welle decided to close two of its major shortwave relay stations which were in Portugal and Sri Lanka. But SLBC carried one program via the Trincomalee station and it was a three-hour broadcast in the Sinhala language beamed to the middle east. In 2012, the large international radio broadcasting station at Perkara- Trincomalee was taken over by the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

By visiting the broadcasting center, Undergraduates were able to learn the basic setup, equipment and the protocols used in the present broadcasting industry. They were able to get an idea of how the techniques they learn at the university such as modulation schemes, antennas, transformers used in the real world. Project Chairperson for this project was Mr.Lakshitha Gunasekara, current president of IEEE IAS in theUniversity of Moratuwa.