I&CPS Europe | Milano, June 6-9, 2017

From Massimo Mittolo we have received more specifics about the first European I&CPS Conference to be held in Milan Italy 6th – 9th June 20017. This event is the IEEE Industrial Application Society’s attempt to bridge the gap between Europe and USA in terms of standards, vision of safety, etc., and to enlarge our audience. The… Read more

Call to I&CPS Committee Chairmen | 2017 Conference Business

From Sergio Panetta’s (spanetta@ieee.org) December 1st email to committee chairmen: Please let him know what meetings are needed and the length of time required. PSE Committee(Kent) Power System Design: Jim Harvey Reliability: Bob Arno Analysis: Massimo Mitolo Grounding: Massimo Mitolo Emergency and Standby Power: Andy Hernandez Power System Maintenance, Operations, and Safety: Michael Simon Power… Read more