We hope you enjoyed our conference in Niagara Falls in early May. See you this Fall in Cincinnati for the IAS Annual Meeting!


We are actively updating the IEEE Color Books into Standards. If you are interested, we would love your participation. Take a look at the standards we are working on and contact the working group chair today!

Papers and Tutorials

I&CPS prides itself on bringing together academia and industry. This happens most effectively with a diversity of papers and tutorials. Please consider submitting a paper or proposing a tutorial. 

Structure of I&CPS

PSEC Engineering Commitee

The Engineering Committee is the broadest committee of I&CPS. It includes many topics:

Education & Healthcare Facilities
Power System Design
Power System Grounding
Power Quality
Power System Analysis
Power System Maintenance, Operation, and Safety

PSP Protection

The Protection Committee focuses on fuses, circuit breakers and surge protection. It includes:

Low Voltage
Medium Voltage
Surge Protection