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The IPCSD participates in the IAS and IEEE award programs, and many IPCSD members have been so recognized.  In addition, the IPCSD administers a specific, department-level award, the IEEE IAS Industrial Power Conversion Systems Department Gerald Kliman Innovator Award.  At the committee level, Best Paper Awards are presented to articles published under that committee’s responsibility. For any questions concerning IPCSD awards and the Kliman award in particular, please contact the IPCSD Award & Recognition chair.

Senior membership:  Did you know that with just 10 years of experience in the field, you are eligible to become an IEEE Senior Member?  More information here on the IEEE website.

Fellow nominations:  Members are encouraged to nominate their peers and mentors to become IEEE Fellows.  Details here on the IEEE website.  This presentation: Preparing a Successful Fellow Nomination, put together by the 2014 IAS and PELS Fellow committee chairs, also provides more information concerning the process.


IEEE IAS Industrial Power Conversion Systems Department Gerald Kliman Innovator Award:

The IEEE IAS Industrial Power Conversion Systems Department Gerald Kliman Innovator Award was established to honor innovators who contributed to the technical areas of this department. The award may be presented annually to an individual, for meritorious contributions to the advancement of power conversion technologies through innovations and their application to Industry. The technical field for this award includes, but is not limited to, Electrical Machines, Electrical Drives, Power Electronic systems and Power Electronic Devices. This Award was established in 2005 and is named in honor of Dr. Jerry Kliman, in memory of his many contributions and innovations to these technical areas.

The Kliman award is funded by General Electric whose contribution is gratefully acknowledged.

Details about the award are here. The deadline for nominations is generally in June, and the award presented at the following ECCE conference.

The call for award nominations has a submission deadline typically June 1st every year.  Links to the nomination forms are below.  Completed forms are to be sent to the IPCSD Award & Recognition chair.

Kliman nomination form 2019

Kliman reference form 2019

2018 Kliman Award Recipient

The recipient of the 2018 Kliman award was Prof. Fei “Fred” Wang, Professor and Condra Chair of Excellence in Power Electronics, CURRENT Technical Director, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA.  The award citation reads “For contributions to the design and control of high-power high-density converters and drives for industrial, transportation, and utility applications”.  Prof. Wang also has a joint appointment with Oak Ridge National Lab. He is a founding member and the Technical Director of the NSF-DOE Engineering Research Center.  He is conducting research on: design, modeling, control, and integration of advanced power electronics converters; motor drives; wide bandgap device characterization, modeling, packaging, control, and application; power electronics application to transportation, renewable energy and utility power systems. Prof. Wang received his well deserved award at the ECCE conference, during the Awards Luncheon, in Portland, OR, in late September.




     Prof. Fei “Fred” Wang

Current and Past Kliman awardees:

2018    Fei “Fred” Wang
2017    Richard Lukaszewski
2016    Jason Lai
2015    Manoj Shah
2014    Jan Abraham Ferreira
2013    Fang Zheng Peng
2012    Thomas Habetler
2011    Leo Lorenz
2010    William Peterson
2009    John Miller
2008    Ira J. Pitel
2007    Bruno Lequesne
2006    Kaushik Rajashekara
2005    Russel J. Kerkman