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Texas is the home to a number of centers of technical excellence of national importance, as well as several key IEEE historical awards including Milestones celebrating technological breakthroughs or turning points. These will form the basis for a number of technology-oriented visits throughout Texas organized by the San Antonio Life Member Affinity Group (LMAG) of the Central Texas Section, Region 5 of IEEE.

The Tour, limited to 50 guests, is scheduled to start on 9 Oct 2019 and will consist of a 10-day bus tour to significant technical sites planned for Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Waco and Dallas.  This tour considers the interests of our spouses as well.

Cultural and historical sites will also be included along with many social events with local IEEE members.  Meals, transportation, entrance fees and gratuities are included in one price per person.  One exception is dinner on 12 October in San Antonio as that is a free night on the Riverwalk (See the Tab on Registration and Fees for more detailed information).


The Tour starts upon guests checking in at the Hilton Hotel Plaza/Medical Center on the afternoon/evening of 9 Oct 2019.  (We have a pickup/dropoff option in case you want to start in San Antonio and return there upon completion of the Tour.)

An informal come & go reception will commence that evening to welcome guests to Texas.  The next morning, after breakfast, we will board the bus for NASA’s Johnson Manned Space Center where we will a tour the Space Center Houston and facilities of the Johnson Space Center that includes the original Apollo Mission Control. Dinner that evening will be at the Kemah Boardwalk, on Clear Lake, a favorite getaway for relaxation and home to fabulous restaurants, amusements, charming retail stores, festivals and seaside shows every day.

Also while in Houston we will visit the University of Houston to view the IEEE High Temperature Superconductivity Milestone Award and receive a presentation by the primary award recipient, Dr. Paul Chu, who with his colleagues were recognized for their work in 1987 that was able to conduct electricity without any loss due to resistance at above 77 degrees Kelvin.

Then at Rice University’s Ken Kennedy Institute, Center for Research Computing, the scope will include engineering Computer Science,   — to show Rice’s impact and current work in high performance computing and technology. Topics include: History of High Performance Computing, Buckyballs, FlatCam, Artificial Intelligence and the future of Work, OpenStax and Space (an exhibit of President John F. Kennedy’s “moon speech” at Rice on Sep 12, 1962).

That evening we will host a dinner with local Life Members and Houston Section Leaders to cap the multi-day activities in the Houston area.

Next day on the road to San Antonio, we will visit one of the Painted Churches around Schulenburg, TX.


In San Antonio we will start with a visit to the Missions World Heritage Site.  Information will be provided on the five missions that represent the largest concentration of Spanish colonial missions in North America.  Following that will be free time on the San Antonio River Walk.  Dinner that evening will be on your own.

Over the next few days, the Tour will visit several museums to include the Alamo and the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology. We will also visit Southwest Research Institute to hear about the IEEE Region 5 Stepping Stone Award presented for their work on NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Project and the research results regarding Pluto.  There will also be presentations on autonomous vehicles, radio direction finding, robotics and electric vehicles. That will be followed by a tour of the Toyota Manufacturing Plant. In addition, one of our dinners will be served on a river barge including a tour of the San Antonio River.


Next is Austin, the capital of Texas and home to The University of Texas, which is ranked top 10 in engineering and physics.  Austin is now the second biggest Technical Hub in United States.  It is often called “Silicon Hills“.  It started in 1967 when IBM set up manufacturing; Texas Instruments and Motorola followed few years later.  Tracor (now BAE), Dell Computers and National Instruments are the early home grown tech companies for 1972 to 1995.  Now Austin has the most chip designer companies outside of Silicon Valley and a hot bed for many new startups and transplants.

The Tour will start with Texas Advance Computing Center at the University of Texas which designs and runs one of the world’s high speed and high performance computing centers. Next stop will be the first Micro Grid Power System that supports the University of Texas.  We will also visit a few local companies as time allows, such as Dell Technologies, National Instruments, NXP Semiconductor and Silicon Labs.   BBQ, healthy food, outdoor sports and live music (Willie Nelson) are also part of this vibrant city.


On the road to Dallas, the Tour will stop at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum located on the banks of the Brazos River in Waco, Texas.  They preserve the history and inspire appreciation for the Texas Rangers, a legendary symbol of Texas and the American West.


In Dallas we will tour the Texas Instruments facility to hear discussions of the their three Historical Milestones located at that site. One is for the first use of a digital signal processing integrated circuit for speech generation.  Another is for development of the first semiconductor integrated circuit.   The third is for the development of the 16-bit monolithic DAC.  As time permits, the Tour will include a technology museum and historic sites.

We will begin wrapping up the Tour with a Farewell Banquet at one of Dallas’s finest restaurants.

On the morning of 19 October, the Tour will conclude after breakfast.  The bus will proceed to the local Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport then continue on to San Antonio for those choosing the San Antonio pickup/dropoff option.


Throughout the tour, there will also be activities of choice by tour participants, such as visits to galleries, museums, historic sites, and shopping for the usual gifts for friends and family members. The size of the Tour group will be limited to 50 participants to ensure the best tour experience for all participants.  Registration remains open until all participants have been selected.

To ensure your participation in this truly historic event, please make your reservations early to experience the true technical history of Texas.

Other information is available in the tabs located on this website.  Contact the Tour Committee Chair for any questions not answered by emailing Chair: T. Scott Atkinson, s.atkinson@ieee.org.


Also see the December 2018 IEEE Life Member Committee Newsletter extract which is located on the ABOUT/Tour Resources Tab for more information.


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