Message from IC Chair


 It is indeed my honour and privilege to serve as the Chair of IEEE India Council. I believe that the practical scale of measuring our strength is the degree to which we are forging a true partnership with IEEE volunteers.

The perspectives that I bring into this position reflect my experience working outside the traditional IEEE boundaries. In my various academic and administrative roles, I have always emphasized that the key goal of any organization, especially volunteer organizations, is to serve the people: the members, potential future members and the non-members. We are here to serve them because IEEE will grow if and only if we meet their needs and provide an environment for them to grow both professionally and technically.

We remain in the forefront when we intentionally incorporate change into our thinking and planning, recognizing that the technical and scientific environments wherein we work continuously change with time. On the other hand, we are badly mistaken if we believe that past glory guarantees future success, and when we reject the ground reality of changing scenario, and stick to past practices only.

IEEE India Council is a vibrant operational unit today thanks to the tireless efforts of my predecessors and peers. IEEE IC has served in the past and also will continue to serve as an effective coordinating body of IEEE activities in India.  We will certainly try to meet the expectations, with contributions from our members. Our flagship events are making great impact and are prospering, our financial health is sound and, best of all, we are attracting the best people to serve on our various Committees.

Connecting people, providing an efficient platform, responding better and faster to the needs of IEEE volunteers, and expanding our horizons both in technologies and in service are all the tasks we are well equipped to achieve in 2017. IEEE India Council will act to be a strong connector between local activities and global achievements. I am proud to state that I have outstanding IEEE volunteers at IEEE India Council to work with to achieve our goals.

Let us rededicate ourselves to place IEEE at the forefront of Engineering, Technology and Computing. I invite you all to work with us for the growth and prosperity of IEEE in general and IEEE India Council in particular.

With warm personal greetings.

Sivaji Chakravorti
IEEE India Council Chair 2017
Date: February 28, 2017