Messages from the General and Technical Program Chairs

Saifur Rahman, Joseph Loring Professor, Advanced Research Institute, National Capital Region, Virginia TechThe 6th IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technology Conference organized by the IEEE Power & Energy Society is being held in Washington, DC for the fourth time. I am, once again, privileged to welcome hundreds of smart grid practitioners, business executives, industry professionals, researchers, policy makers, engineering students and faculty members who are participating in this conference for meaningful discussions on ground-breaking innovations in smart grid technologies happening around the world. We received over 300 technical papers for this conference out of which fewer than160 were accepted. Papers being presented here come from over 20 countries. We have put together three plenary panel sessions, 24 parallel panel sessions, 17 paper and poster sessions over the three days of the conference. We have brought in experts from the government, industry, academia and the non-governmental organization community. I hope your attendance at this conference will give you the opportunity to meet and speak directly with this diverse array of professionals working with the smart grid.

Saifur Rahman, PhD
Chair, IEEE Smart Grid Conference 2015
Joseph Loring Professor & Director
VT Advanced Research Institute
Arlington, VA USA

George_Arnold_hresThe Technical Program of IEEE ISGT 2015 builds on over five years of progress in smart grid deployment accelerated by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Smart Grid Investment Grants and looks ahead to explore how ongoing technology developments will shape the future evolution of the grid. The Conference features plenary sessions, panels, technical papers, and tutorials by international experts on smart grid applications. The overall theme for this year is “Smart Grid – Present and Future”, focusing on the future migration path for the smart grid as new and emerging technologies converge with power system developments to create smart energy systems. We will cover topics such as the impact of distributed energy resources, next-generation distribution systems, microgrids, resiliency, wide area protection, communication and control, transactive energy, and smart grid convergence with next-generation cyber-physical energy systems. The first day includes a special workshop on “Trustworthiness of Smart Grids”, reflecting the critical dependence society has on the new technologies being introduced. We look forward to your participation as we explore the future direction of the world’s 21st century energy system.

George W. Arnold, Eng.Sc.D.
Chair, Technical Program, IEEE Smart Grid Conference 2015
Chief Executive Officer, Tercio Solutions
Cambridge, MA USA