Plenary Panel Sessions on the following Topics:

  • SmartGrid Evolution. Moderated by Ebrahim Vaahedi
  • Regulatory Changes for Smart Grid Adoption. Moderated by Joseph Paladino
  • Utility Executive’s Prospective. Moderated by Jay Giri


Panel Sessions on the following topics:

  • Utility experience when attempting to accommodate high levels of DERs
  • Advanced sensing, communication, control and information management requirements in an advanced grid
  • Planning and operating issues at the seams between transmission, distribution and customer or third party systems
  • Grid architecture for examining myriad complex relationships and options for management, coordination and control
  • Interoperability requirements and standards
  • Valuation methods for smart grid technologies and DERs
  • Asset management and optimization
  • The emergence and impact of disruptive technologies (e.g., power electronics and solar/storage)
  • The convergence of infrastructure networks (e.g., smart cities)


A Poster Reception and Session with conference papers on Smart Grid related issues.


Paper Sessions


Evening Gala Dinner and After Dinner Talk with Massoud Amin


Tutorials on the following Topics:

  • Synchrophasor Technology Applications in Distribution Systems
  • Smart Grid 204: Introduction to Smart Grid Data and Analytics
  • DER Integration Course Impacts on T&D