About the Italy Chapter of the IEEE Sensors Council

The foundation of the Italy Chapter was motivated by the specific Italian landscape related to the Italian activities in several fields related to sensors. These activities are fragmented due to different technologies used for sensors design, different approaches for estimating the same type of measurand, different applications in which the sensor plays a crucial role. This geographic unit aims at aggregating this fragmented scenario to establish a dynamic network involving people interested in sensors field, to consolidate collaborations among researchers from academia and industry, to form a rich environment to exchange new knowledge and ideas, to foster cross-fertilization among different application domains, and to develop a fertile environment for young professionals and students working in this field. Chapter’s activities will be devoted, but not limited, to the following topics: Physical, chemical, optical sensors, biosensors, micro- and nano-sensors, sensor networks and communication, signal conditioning and processing, signal analysis, information fusion and compression, translation of novel sensor technologies from research to industry and applications of sensors in industry, with specific reference to their role in Industry 4.0, in life science, in clinical domains, in aerospace, in agriculture, in robotics, and in structure monitoring.