Technical Committees

The taxonomy of the Chapter is structured in three categories: Applications, Measurand, and technology. For each category, several technical committees have been founded. The activities of the committees are related to their specific topic and are focused on the organization of technical events, evaluation of award ‘s candidates, and interaction with industry.

Active Technical Committees

Wearable Sensors

Chair: Simona Crea

Ultrasound Sensors

Chair: Lorenzo Capineri

Soft Sensors

Chair: Lucia Beccai

Textile Sensors

Chair: Alessandro Tognetti

Physiological Sensors

Chair: Lorenzo Scalise


Chair: Veronica Iacovacci


Chair: Aimè Lay Ekuakille

Fiber Optic Sensors

Chairs: Stefania Campopiano & Agostino Iadicicco

Sensors for Biomechanics

Chair: Carlo Massaroni

Tactile Sensors

Chair: Maurizio Valle

Optoelectronic Sensing Systems

Chair: Andrea De Marcellis

Vibration and Acoustic Sensors

Chair: Paolo Chiariotti

Sensing Systems

Chair: Rosario Morello

Smart Sensors & Edge Computing

Chair: Luca Vollero

Electronics for Sensors

Chair: Giuseppe Ferri

Chemical Sensors development and applications

Chair: Nicola Donato

Inertial Measurement Unit

Chair: Eduardo Palermo

Radiation and Particle Detectors

Chair: Stefano Salvatori

RGBD Sensors

Chair: Susanna Spinsante

Sports Sensors

Chair: Andrea Nicolò