ITSS Awards

IEEE ITS Institute Lead Award
2013    IEEE ITSS Awards Call For Nominations
2011    Dynamic Systems and Simulation Laboratory (DSSL) (
            The Technical University of Crete (TUC), Greece
2010    CAST(Complex Adaptive Systems for Transportation )Lab, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2009    NavLab, Carnegie Mellon University
2008    VisLab, Parma University, Italy
2007    PATH, University of California, Berkeley

IEEE ITS Outstanding Research Award
2011    Fei-Yue Wang
            CAST (Complex Adaptive Systems for Transportation)Lab, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
2010    Sesbastian Thrun (Computer Science Department,Stanford University)
2009    Pravin Varaiya
2008    Chelsea (Chip) C. WhiteIII
2007    Markos Papageorgiou
2006    Robert Fenton

IEEE ITS Outstanding Application Award
2011    DynaMIT (
            Intelligent Transportation Systems Program Massachusetts Institute or Technology, USA
2010    Hani Mahmassani (William A. Patterson Distinguished Chair in Transportation, Northwestern University)
2009    Fei-Yue Wang
2008    Petros A. Ioannou
2007    Panos Michalopoulos

IEEE ITSS Best Dissertation Award
2011   First Prize
            Dr. Daniel B. Work
            Real-time estimation of distributed parameters systems: Application to traffic monitoring
            Advisor: Alexandre M. Bayen,
            University of California, Berkeley, USA.

            Second Prize
            Dr. Vicente Milanés
            Traffic management system based on V2X communication using automated vehicles
            PhD Advisors: Carlos González, Miguel Ángel Sotelo
            University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain

2010   First Prize
           Dr. Brendan Morris
           Computer Vision and Robotics Research Laboratory
           University of California, San Diego
           Department of Electrical and computer Engineering

           Second Prize
           Dr. Thomas Paul Michalke
           Institut für Regelungstheorie und Robotik,
           TU Darmstadt

2009   First Prize
           Dr. Arne Kesting
           TU Dresden
           Title: Microscopic Modeling of Human and Automated Driving: Towards Traffic-Adaptive Cruise Control

           Second Prize
           Dr. Verena Schmid
           Vienna University
           Title: Trucks in Movement: Hybridization of Exact Approaches and Variable Neighborhood Search for the Delivery of Ready-Mixed Concrete

           Second Prize
           Dr. Andrea D’Ariano
           TU Delft
           Title: Improving Real-Time Train Dispatching: Models, Algorithms and Applications

2008   First Prize
           Dr. Shinko Y. Cheng
           UC San Diego
           Title: A Multilevel Framework for Human Body Structure and Pose Estimation and Human Gesture Analysis using Volumetric Scene Reconstructions with Applications in Driver Assistance Systems

           Second Prize
           Dr. Caspar Chorus
           TU Delft
           Title: Traveler Response to Information

2007   First Prize
           Dr. Thao Dang
           Karlsruhe University
           Title: Continuous Self-Calibration of Stereo Cameras

           Second Prize
           Dr. Yiting Liu
           Ohio State University
           Title: Applications of Wireless Communication in Traffic Networks Using a Hierarchical Hybrid System Model

2006   First Prize
           Dr. Shuming Tang
           Chinese Acad. of Sciences
           Title: A Preliminary Study for Basic Approaches in Artificial Transportation Systems

           Second Prize
           Dr. Jianlong Zhang
           Univ. Southern California
           Title: Practical Adaptive Control: Theory and Applications