Launching of “ITS Now


        We are pleased to announce the official launch of “ITS Now”, a new topical online publication initiative from the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Society. Thanks to the leadership and support from the ITS Society BOG and Executive Committee, hard work from the ITS Now editorial team, and significant help from the IEEE Technical Activities Periodicals Group and the IEEE Xplore team, ITS Now has been officially online and fully functioning since April 7, 2013, through the ITS society’s website at
       ITS Now is intended to be a one-stop source for free, limited-time access to articles from IEEE ITS Society publications and conference proceedings on a technical topic of timely relevance. Every 3 months, an ITS Now editorial team on a particular ITS research topic will be recruited. The appointed editorial team will select 10-15 outstanding papers from ITS Society publications and conferences on the given topic and write a short introductory editorial. Then this theme-based set of papers, along with the editorial, will be made available on the ITS Society’s website.  Arrangements have been made with IEEE Xplore such that during a 3-month time window, access to the full text of these ITS papers will be granted, through the Xplore links posted on the ITS Now page. After 3 months, a new ITS Now theme issue will be posted while the old one is archived. An archived issue will still have the editorial and the references to all the papers selected. However, one would need to have an Xplore subscription to access the full text of these papers.
        ITS Now is part of the ongoing IEEE “curation” effort to provide a value-added publication service to IEEE and society members. ITS Now is also planned as a promotional tool, to present cutting-edge ITS research in a cohesive manner. Furthermore, ITS Now offers a theme-based venue to create synergy across multiple ITS Society publications and conference proceedings, and help foster meaningful linkage among ITSSociety technical sub-committees and publications.
        We are eager to hear your feedback and suggestions about this new initiative; please email them to the ITS Society VP for Publications Activities, Professor Daniel Zeng, at You are also very welcome to contact us to discuss possible themes for ITS Now issues in 2014 and volunteering as a guest editor!

ITS Now Issue Theme Guest Editors  Full-text Availability on Xplore
Year 2013, No. 1 Mechatronic and Embedded Systems Pave the Way for Autonomous Driving Martin Horauer, Bo Chen and Primo Zingaretti April 2013-June 2013
Year 2013, No. 2 ITS and Road Safety Angelos Amditis, Mauro Da Lio and Roy Goudy July 2013-September 2013
Year 2013, No. 3 Mobile Communication Networks Liuqing Yang March 2014-June 2014