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I. Information for Submitting Authors
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    Submission guidelines for prospective authors
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    The ITS Magazine is published quarterly in February (spring), May (summer), August (fall), November (winter). There is a mix of solicited columns and peer-reviewed papers in each issue. Special issues on ITS topics or conferences sponsored by the ITS Society appear in specific issues.
    The peer-reviewed papers in the ITS Magazine are geared toward a broad audience that consists of researchers, professors, students, practitioners, government personnel, industrial professionals, and people looking to get into the field of ITS. Papers are solicited on the following topics (though the following list is not inclusive):

  •  practice and policy in ITS
  • analyses of different technologies used in ITS
  • practitioner papers
  • technology deployment practices
  • field test summaries
  • tutorial articles
  • industrial activities
  • best practices in ITS
  • lessons learned from experiments or simulations
  • behavioral impact of ITS
  • strategic trends or concept papers
  • standards and regulation evaluations
  • novel projects and testing approaches

    These and other relevant topics in ITS will be considered and reviewed.
    Because the papers published in the ITS Magazine will be typeset for inclusion in the Magazine, the format of the submitted paper is not important. Please try to loosely follow the standard IEEE format though strict compliance is not required. There is a suggested maximum word count of 4000 words, which is approximately 8 pages. The suggested maximum number of equations is five with a suggested maximum number of references of 10.
    Other columns that are included in the Magazine are:

  • Editor-in-Chief’s column
  • President’s column
  • Book Review column
  • ITS Society News
  • ITSS Technical Activities column
  • Conference Calls for Papers and Calls for Participation
  • Conference Calendar
  • ITS Fun column
  • Research Lab Spotlight column
  • People in ITS column
  • Career Opportunities

    If you have any questions about suitability of a paper or other questions on guidelines, please send them to the Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Miguel Ángel Sotelo at
Official IEEE Scope
    Innovations in mobility require close interaction between research and practitioners in all aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems. As the new dissemination magazine of the IEEE ITS Society, the IEEE Intelligent Transportation System Magazine establishes an interdisciplinary forum connecting experts in all fields of ITS. It publishes news on ITS as well as peer-reviewed articles quarterly that

  • provide innovative research ideas and application results
  • report significant application case studies, and
  • raise awareness of pressing research and application challenges

in all areas of Intelligent Transportation Systems.
    The magazine covers the following topics in particular (though not inclusive):

  • Ground, Air, and Water Transportation Systems
  • Information Management (Databases, Data Fusion)
  • Sensors (Infrastructure and Vehicle-Based)
  • Sensor Data Processing (Video, Radar, Lidar, etc.)
  • Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Communication (v2v, v2i)
  • Social, Economic, and Ecologic impact
  • Field Studies & Implementation Reports
  • Control (Traffic and Vehicle)
  • Decision Systems
  • Simulation
  • Reliability and Safety
  • Standards &Public Policies
  • Technology Forecast & Transfer

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