Transactions Scope

Improved planning, design, management, and the control of future transportation systems requires conducting both basic and applied research to expand the knowledge base on transportation. This IEEE Transactions focuses on the design, analysis, and control of information technology as it is applied to transportation systems.

The intent of the IEEE Transactions on ITS will be to serve as a forum for the technological aspects of information technology to transportation, thus providing researchers with an outlet for publication.

The journal is published four times per year (March, June, September, December).

Transactions Topics

  • Communications (intervehicle and vehicle-to-road-aside)
  • Computers (hardware, software)
  • Control (adaptive, fuzzy, cooperative, neuro)
  • Decision Systems (expert systems, intelligent agents)
  • Systems (engineering, architecture, evaluation)
  • Information Systems (databases, data fusion, security)
  • Man-Machine Interfaces (displays, artificial speech)
  • Imaging & Real-Time Image Analysis
  • Sensors (infrastructure and vehicle-based)
  • Simulation (continuous, discrete, real-time)
  • Signal Processing
  • Standards
  • Reliability & Quality Assurance
  • Technology Forecasting & Transfer