Accepted Papers

Information for authors of accepted papers

Papers accepted for publication will be published both electronically on IEEE Xplore web site and in the printed version of the Transactions.

Authors have to submit the final files electronically web using the submission web site

All the requested items must be compressed in a ZIP file before uploading them on the submission web site.

Requested files include:

1. A PDF version of the paper (IEEE style, double column, single spaced) and an identical version using either LaTeX or MSWord

2. Original versions of figures and tables (high definition) (tiff, postscript, word, excel, ppt formats only) in separate files (we do NOT accept png or jpeg files for figures)

3. A text file with the list of captions and footnotes

4. Name, mailing address, phone, FAX, and e-mail of author to be sent galley proofs

5. A text file including the complete postal and e-mail address of all authors

6. Bio-sketches (in IEEE format) and high-resolutions photos of each of the authors (not required for Short and Practitioner Papers)

Few weeks after the submission of the final files, the contact author will be contacted by the publishing office to check the proofs of the paper. Authors will have 48 authors to return eventual corrections to the proofs.

Once proofs are validated, the paper will be published in the “early papers” section of IEEE Xplore web site in few days and later in the first available printed issue.

If after the proofs, paper length exceeds the suggested values (see Submit a Paper section), authors will be asked to pay an extra page charge of 175 US dollar for each extra page.

Author Names in Native Languages

IEEE supports the publication of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) author names in the native language alongside the English versions of the names in the author list of an article. For more information, please visit the IEEE Author Digital Tool Box at the following URL:

Color Printing

If a paper include color figures, authors can decide to publish their paper in color or in gray tone; color printing has an additional charge.

Even if authors decide to print a paper in gray tone, it will be published electronically in color on IEEE Xplore if it includes color figures.

IEEE Copyright

IEEE policy requires that prior to publication all authors must transfer the copyright for their paper to the IEEE.

IEEE has moved to an all electronic copyright submission system. The copyright transfer can be done via the submission web site once authors have submitted the final files.


IEEE Copyright Form
Guidelines for Author Supplied Electronic Text and Graphics