Proposing a Special Issue

Guidelines for Proposing Sepcial Issues and Instructions for Guest Editors:

       Prospective guest editors are encouraged to discuss and submit a proposal for a special issue to the Editor-in-Chief; the proposal should include a brief description of the main theme. The presence of more than one guest editor (from different regions) is strongly encouraged. After the proposal is accepted, please follow the procedures below.

       If there is more than one guest editor, please select one guest editor to act as corresponding editor. This guest editor will be responsible for coordinating the work of the group and communicating with the Editor-in-Chief and his/her editorial assistant.

       The guest editors should decide upon a timetable for the special issue and discuss it with the Editor-in-Chief, keeping in mind that it takes a minimum of 3 months for an issue to be published once all final manuscripts are submitted to IEEE Headquarters.

       If the special issue is to be by invitation only, the guest editors should send letters of invitation to the selected authors. If the special issue is to be a refereed issue, the guest editors will be responsible to create a Call for Papers and distribute it to appropriate websites, journals, email lists, etc.

       The guest editor(s) will handle correspondence with authors until a final publication decision is determined for each paper. In order to decrease delays in publication, papers requiring major modifications will be removed from consideration for the special issue and will follow the normal procedures for regular papers. Once the guest editors make their final decisions for each paper, the corresponding guest editor should notify the Editor-in-Chief of the final publication decision for papers. The Editor-in-Chief will then send final acceptance/rejection letters to the authors.

       The submission/revision process will be completed using the standard website at

       For final publication, the guest editor(s) will need to provide: an editorial or introduction for the special issue written by the guest.