Submitting a Paper

The IEEE Transactions on ITS is now accepting electronic submissions only, via the following submission web site:

Before submitting a manuscript, authors have to:

  • format the paper using IEEE style (double column, single spaced, templates are available at;
  • include a short biography for all authors at the end of the paper (only for Regular and Survey papers).
  • create an account in the web site if they do not already possess one.

Authors can choose among 4 kinds of papers, each of one has a suggested length:

  • Regular Papers: 10 pages
  • Short Papers: 6 pages
  • Practitioner Papers: 6 pages
  • Survey Papers: 18 pages

Suggested Lengths refer to papers formatted using IEEE style; authors can submit papers that exceeds the suggested length but, after the final acceptance, they will have to pay an overlength charge of 175 US dollar for each extra page.

Abstract Description and Specifications

In order for an abstract to be effective when displayed in IEEE Xplore® as well as through indexing services such as Compendex, INSPEC, Medline, ProQuest, and Web of Science, it must be a concise yet comprehensive reflection of what is described in the article. In particular:

  • The abstract must be self-contained, without abbreviations, footnotes, or references. It should be a microcosm of the full article.
  • The abstract must be between 150-250 words.
  • The abstract must be written as one paragraph and should not contain displayed mathematical equations or tabular material.
  • The abstract should include three or four different keywords or phrases, as this will help readers to find it. It is important to avoid over-repetition of such phrases as this can result in a page being rejected by search engines.
  • Ensure that the abstract reads well and is grammatically correct.

Open Access: This publication is a hybrid journal, allowing either Traditional manuscript submission or Open Access (author-pays OA) manuscript submission. The OA option, if selected, enables unrestricted public access to the article via IEEE Xplore. The OA option will be offered to the author at the time the manuscript is submitted. If selected, the OA discounted fee of $1,750 must be paid before the article is published in the journal. If you have unusual circumstances about this, please contact the Editor-in-Chief. Any other applicable charges (such as the over-length page charge and/or charge for the use of color in the print format) will be billed separately once the manuscript formatting is complete but prior to the publication. The traditional option, if selected, enables access to all qualified subscribers and purchasers via IEEE Xplore. No OA payment is required.

For further publication guidelines beyond the information listed on this page, contact the Editorial Assistant, SimonaBerte’, by email at

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