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Special Issue on Visual Analysis for ITS
Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Wei Chen, Ross Maciejewski Jun 30, 2016
June 2017
Big data for Driver, Vehicle, and System Control in ITS
Wei-Hua Lin, Hongchao Liu, Hong K Lo Oct 15, 2014 Oct 2015
Mechatronics and Embedded Technologies
Massimo Bertozzi, Primo Zingaretti Mar 1, 2015 Dec 2015
Social Transportation
Janping Cao, C.L. Philip Chen, Wei Chen, Zhiming Ding, Gang Pan, Pu Wang May 15, 2015 Feb 2016
Unmanned Intelligent Vehicles in China
Lingxi Li, Dewen Hu Mar 15, 2015 Feb 2016