IEEE Atlanta PELS – On-Load Tap-Changer (OLTC) for Power Transformers – ATLANTA PEL35 CHAPTER on 04-December-2013

You are invited to join us for lunch and learning at a meeting of the ATLANTA CHAPTER – IEEE POWER ELECTRONICS SOCIETY. NOTE: 1 PDH CREDIT COST: IEEE Members & Guests: $15.00 for Lunch (must register online) Retired (Senior) Members: $7.00 for Lunch (must register online) Student Members: Free Lunch! (must register online) Please note… Read more

Adversarial Signal Processing – ATLANTA SP01 CHAPTER on 03-December-2013

Security-oriented applications of signal processing have received increasing attention in the last years. Digital watermarking, steganography and steganalysis, multimedia forensics, biometric signal processing, video-surveillance, are just a few examples of such an interest. In many cases, though, researchers have failed to recognize the single most unique feature behind any security-oriented application, i.e. the presence of… Read more

IEEE SSCS/CASS Atlanta Chapter Invited Seminar – ATLANTA CAS04/SSC37 CHAPTER on 12-December-2013

Title: 60GHz CMOS Transceiver for Ultra High Speed Wireless Communication Abstract: In this presentation, the possibility of millimeter-wave wireless communication will be discussed. The 60-GHz ISM band has more than 8GHz bandwidth, and it is capable of at least 42Gb/s by using 64QAM. A 60-GHz transceiver implemented by 65nm CMOS is introduced with some practical… Read more

IEEE IAS Atlanta – Explaining Georgia Power Non-Utility Generation Bulletin 18-23 – ATLANTA IA34 CHAPTER on 18-November-2013

You are invited to join us for lunch and learning at a meeting of the ATLANTA CHAPTER – IEEE INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS SOCIETY. COST: IEEE Member: $23.00 for Lunch (must register on line by previous Thursday) Non-Member: $28.00 for Lunch (must register on line by previous Thursday) Student: $00.00 for Lunch (must register on line by… Read more

Investment Strategies in Today's Market – ATLANTA LIFE MEMBER AFFINITY GROUP on 20-November-2013

Brian Stannard, Regional Vice President at Prudential Financial, will present a professional approach for investing in these challenging times. DID YOU KNOW…. It’s projected that over 43% of Americans aged 48-64 will lack adequate income to pay for basic expenses and uninsured health care cost during retirement. Create a plan to address these challenges Understand… Read more