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Innovative Security through Managed Risk in the Electric Industry

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The Energy Systems Research Laboratory presents

“Innovative Security through Managed Risk in the Electric Industry”

Invited Lecture by

Dr. David W. Whipple

Date: April 11, 2016
Time:  2:00 PM– 3:00 PM
Address Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Florida International University, 10555 W. Flagler Street, Miami, Florida 33174
Room: EC-2300

david whipple 2013Bio: Dr. Whipple has extensive background grounded in security, leadership, and innovative cultures that have an interest in protecting the organizational infrastructure as well as the security and privacy of customers. As a career security practitioner with over 25 years’ experience, his research and practice is focused on reducing organizational risk through innovative security controls that enable the business to accomplish their strategic goals and financial objectives. Currently a security leader with one of the nation’s largest energy corporations, he’s focused on minimizing risk in customer e-commerce to the cloud Paas/SaaS platforms ensuring reliability and long term savings. He also serves on the FBI’s InfraGard board as Energy Sector Chief, SME Board Member for DoE Research, and MBA Adjunct Professor at Drexel University. Dr. Whipple also has extensive international business experience in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and doesn’t shy away from any challenges.




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