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The IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) is a multi-disciplinary group whose purpose is to advance and coordinate work in the field of Nanotechnology carried out throughout the IEEE in scientific, literary and educational areas. The Council supports the theory, design, and development of nanotechnology and its scientific, engineering, and industrial applications.

Nanotechnology is the creation of Useful/Functional materials, devices and systems (of any size) through control and/or manipulation of matter on the nanometer length scale and exploitation of novel phenomena and properties which arise because of the nanometer length scale.

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council is part of Division I – Circuits and Devices and is made up of 22 member societies. See the About page for the list.

The NTC is governed by an executive committee (Excom) and an Advisory Committee (Adcom).

NTC has the following standing committees
o    Awards
o    Constitution and Bylaws
o    Education
o    Fellows
o    Finance (VP Finance)
o    Liaison and Transnational (Past President)
o    Meetings (VP Conferences)
o    Nominations & Appointments (Past President)
o    Publications (VP Publications)
o    Regional Interest Groups
o    Standards
o    Technical Activities (VP Technical Activities)

NTC has three major publications and an e-newsletter.
Read the latest issues:

NTC has an online Community: IEEE Nanotechnology OnLine Community

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council has local chapters in several countries. See the Chapters page for details.

IEEE members: become a member of the Nanotechnology Council for free.

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