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Protective Relays: Principles of Applications


“Protective Relays: Principles of Applications”

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016, 6 to 8:30pm, doors open at 5:30pm

The Facility Tour will start at 5pm and will precede this presentation


Technical Seminar:

“Protective Relays: Principles of Applications” by Rasheek Rifaat


Since the inception of industrial and power distribution electrical systems, coordination tasks were performed to ensure that protection systems would operate with the necessary reliability, security and speed.  Meanwhile, protective devices have also gone through significant advancements from the electromechanical devices to the multifunctional, numerical devices of present day. As the protected components of the electrical systems have changed in size, configuration and their critical roles in the power system supply, some protection aspects need to be revisited (i.e the use of protection systems to reduce arc flash energy in distribution systems).

This presentation reviews the established principles and the advanced aspects of the selection and application of protective relays in the overall protection system, multifunctional numerical devices application for power distribution and industrial systems, and addresses some key concerns in selecting, coordinating, setting and testing of smart relays and systems.


Young Professional (YP) Presentation

The Rosetta Mission”


An overview of The Rosetta Mission, its difficulties and successes encountered along the way.


Facilities Tour

Guided tour of the University of Alberta’s District Energy System”


The University of Alberta has one of Canada’s largest district energy systems.  Come and hear about how utilities services are centralized and how this leads to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.  Tour the Heating Plant which generates steam for heating the campus and has two steam turbine generators.  Tour the Cooling Plant, where medium voltage chillers produce chilled water for the campus.  Tour the underground corridors and see the mini- motorbikes trades staff use. See the 13.8kV switchgear, switches, cables, protective relaying and metering.  Learn how the U of A’s 13.8 kV power distribution system topology provides a high degree of flexibility and reliability.



Dr Yunwei (Ryan) Li being presented the Outstanding Engineer Award by Alexandre Nassif


Peter Rothwell being presented the Outstanding Volunteer Award by Alexandre Nassif


The IAS/PES chapter volunteers with the keynote presenter (centre).  From left to right: Peter Rothwell, Alexandre Nassif, Rasheek Rifaat, Carl Lam, Shagufta Tasneem


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