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Distribution and Power Transformers up to 30 MVA

Northern Canada Section IAS-PES Chapter

Distribution and Power Transformers up to 30 MVA

Including facility tour at ABB Power Services (formerly PowerTran)

Lecturer: Mr. Guillermo Rodriguez, PES Distinguished Lecturer

This 3 day course (Sept 27-29) will provide a comprehensive overview of distribution and power transformers up to 30 MVA. The course will cover standards, theoretical, and practical aspects of transformers for several applications. The first day will also include a tour at ABB Power Services transformer shop.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction – basic transformers theory
  2. Transformer Standards
  3. Pole mounted Transformers
  4. Underground Distribution
  5. Pad mounted Transformers
  6. Submersible Transformers
  7. Distribution Transformer Accessories
  8. Transformer Tests
  9. Dry Transformers
  10. Small Power transformers (up to 30 MVA)
  11. Transformer Loss evaluation
  12. Transformer Maintenance
  13. Why transformers fail?

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Archived eNotice for a detailed course agenda.