IEEE Northern VA Section Newsletter for December 2016

IEEE Northern VA Section Newsletter for December 2016

IEEE Northern VA Section Newsletter for December 2016

In This Issue

  • Section Report & Acknowledgements
  • Volunteering
  • Upcoming Events
  • Survey: Driving Engagement through Technical Communities, Affinity Groups, and Special Interest Groups
  • Officer Appreciation

Section Report and Acknowledgements

IEEE NOVA participated in a plethora of special events from mid-November through the end of December including two major conference offerings:

  • IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS): Partner events focused on a talk entitled, “The Future of Cybersecurity is Civilian?” by Merritt Baer, which examined leadership across critical infrastructures; a discussion on Lean Risk Management, by Mr. Mike Helton, which put forth an analytic method for slimming down the often-times over-robust Risk Management cycle; and an informative and humorous talk by Mr. Mark Rasch on “How to Hack a Presidential Election”.
  • IEEE Education Society: Thomas Coughlin examined the requirements memory as well as digital storage in automotive entertainment and navigations systems, including expectations for cars with driver assist features, security features and autonomous driving, special recognition to Dr. Barry Douglass.
  • IEEE GLOBECOM 2016 (Communication Society – DC): Multiple years in the making, a small army of volunteers, a large cadre of sponsors and patrons, 2288 global scientists, researchers, and industry professionals attended more than 1500 technical and industry presentations — many thanks for the excellent planning, development, and implementation by Mike Cardinale, Carole Carey, Paul Cotae, Jerry Gibbon, Kafi Hassan, Doug Holly, Monica Mallini, Anna Romaniuk, and Harry Sauberman. Additionally, the well-attended Young Professionals Reception & Networking Mixer (Trends in Communication) designed and implemented by Chang Liu was also a big hit.
  • IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES): teamed with the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter to bring an all-day workshop on Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) 4.0. Special recognition to Ms. Debi Siering.
  • IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE): offered two virtual webinars, one led by Doug Holly which explored innovation by promoting creativity and one led by Ms. Hanna Sicker which discussed mentoring focus areas for 2017 – 2020 and beyond. Additionally, the Region 2 WIE committee put on a fantastically organized and delivered Forum USA East event in Boston, MA for 200+ attendees and participants. Special recognition to Ms. Denise Griffin and her entire team at:
  • IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (Reston, VA): This third annual conference, brought over 300 industry practitioners together to focus on Iota: Smart Innovation for Vibrant Ecosystems. Special recognition to the strong leadership team, Harold Tipper, Greg Mulligan, Latif Ladid, Professor Vicenzo Piuri, and Ms. Dillian Waldron. Additionally, a specially hosted WIE and ISSA Intl WIS SIG evening reception and IoT discussion, entitled Innovating Forward Together – Technology Passion, Purpose, and Pride, was hosted by the Region 2 Community including Vicky Drury, Kate Duncan, and Rhonda Farrell.

Volunteer for the Section

Volunteer engagement is one of the strongest focus areas of our regional leadership. We are always looking for bright, talented, committed members to join the leadership ranks. If you have interest in leading a society chapter or serving on a section committee, please do not hesitate to reach out to the leadership team at

 Upcoming Events

Following is a list of events for 2017 brought to our attention that may be of interest to members. Inclusion in this list does not imply section involvement and registration may be required. Follow the link for details, and click on the “Add Meeting to Calendar” link on vTools for an automated import into popular calendar managers.

Monday, January 09, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

           Cyber Risk Leadership, Mr. Malcolm Harkins

            Online Webinar Offering



Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

            IEEE Northern Virginia Section ADCOM

            TeqCorner, McLean, VA 22102



Tuesday, January 24, 2017 5:30 pm – 7:15 pm

          WIE – Partner Event – Software SIG

          MITRE Corporation, MITRE-2, McLean, VA 22102

For more information or to see events further in advance, visit our web site,



Help our IEEE-NOVA section to drive higher levels of engagement with our technical communities, affinity groups, and special interest groups. Answer our survey and let us hear your thoughts!


Officer Appreciation

We would like to thank and recognize our officers, directors, and committee leads for their outstanding level of service to the organization and our members in 2016:

  • Chairs: Martin Schulman, Kate Duncan
  • Vice-Chair: Rhonda Farrell
  • Secretary: Tony O’Connor
  • Treasurer: Gerald (Jerry) Friedman
  • Directors: Seddik Benhamida, Barry Douglass, Vincente Galindo, Joel Goodman, Nadim Haddad, Kafi Hassan, Sandra Hyland, Emily Sopensky
  • Committee Chairs/Leads: Elizabeth Gibbon, Dan Cross-Cole, Jerry Gibbon


We would also like to acknowledge Tony Ivanov, who championed the annual transition dinner for the Washington DC and NOVA sections on December 17, 2016.

We look forward to working with our new officers, directors, and committee members in 2017, official election result announcements will occur in January.

We wish all our members a happy, healthy, prosperous, and technology-oriented NEW YEAR!


                                                   Kate Duncan

                                                    2016 IEEE Northern VA Interim Chair

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